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Oh no, I burned my pans!

Decided to be ultra efficient by getting our evening meal prepared early.:roll_eyes: Potatoes and carrots on to par boil ready for roasting, I then thought I’d do a bit with a commission I’m doing, just for a few minutes… time ran on, you know how it is. :alarm_clock::timer_clock::mantelpiece_clock::hourglass::hourglass_flowing_sand:

I sniffed, I thought ‘oh someone’s burning something’ then my brain cell (yes I only have one!!) shouted "Oh $**t it’s me and I ran to the kitchen, just saved the food but now the inside of my pans have blackened shapes in them, they are in soak at the moment, any tips how to get the marks off (they are non stick pans so no scrubbing.

I think I’ll give up being efficient :wink:
Have you got a ‘distraction’ disaster??

Biological laundry powder is supposed to work (the enzymes digest the burnt bits) never actually tried it though. What I have done is boiled vinegar (I was making chutney) and that has cleaned the pan up wonderfully (ours are all stainless steel rather than non stick). If you go the boiling vinegar route keep an eye on it :wink:

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Ooo I’ll give the vinegar a go and let you know :slight_smile:

They say a watched pot never boils but I’m going to watch this one like a hawk!!

Boiled viegar right narf pongs! Very acrid and makes your eyes sting.
Try full fat cola? Bicarb in a little water, both boiled so keep an eye out
Good luck xx

Very hot water in the bottom of the pan and then chuck a dishwasher tablet in and just leave it. Been there, done it, works a treat.

Thanks for the tip Helen but I don’t use dishwasher tabs, my dishwasher is at work, AKA Hubby x :laughing:


Ah, that could be problematic then. I don’t think husbands work as well as dishwasher tablets at getting the burnt bits off :laughing:


Boiling vinegar works well for my pans but you can use it cool if you don’t like the smell. Add some table salt and scrub. The salt is an abrasive but it also creates a chemical reaction that can remove oxides, so if your pans are really bad they might need this. This mixture also brings brass up a treat! I wouldn’t use a dishwasher tablet in such a small volume of water because the chemicals they contain are very toxic. Oh and wear gloves as the salt and vinegar mixture will find every small cut…

Sam x

OK, just in case anyone ever does decide to try the dishwasher tablet option: they do contain some toxic chemicals - the ones you’d find in bleach and in strong detergents/laundry liquids. Maybe wear gloves? I’ve used dishwasher tablets this way many times (no gloves) and survived so I don’t consider it a major hazard, but then I’ve worked in labs as an analytical chemist for years using all kinds of nasty chemicals so maybe I’m a bit blasé! :thinking::wink:
Perhaps I should refrain from offering advice in future as I’m obviously a health and safety nightmare! :rofl:

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Oh no, this has happened to me on quite a few occasions, only managed to clean the pans successfully a couple of times but they were not non stick so I used a scourer.

So I decided from the last time it happened never to go off and do anything else, has that stopped me, no afraid not :smiley:

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Oops, sorry! I didn’t mean to offend you. It’s just that I’m quite careful around chemicals-nothing to do with not being used to them, as I used to work for SmithKlein Beecham, but because my chemistry teacher rammed some advice home with a pointed stick when I was at school. I also have a chlorine sensitivity, so even touching the outside of a dishwasher tablet brings me out in a rash. But I did once successfully use one to remove a dead slug from a toy light-saber.

Sam x

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Thanks for all the advice, great remedies for the future, just in case!! Ok, so I didn’t have any vinegar so I tried lemon jiff and soda crystals and it cleaned all the burnt bits off, there is still a stain in the teflon but that’s no big deal, at least the pans are still usable, on a side-note… the food wasn’t spoilt and dinner was lovely :slight_smile:


That made me laugh so much! :laughing::laughing: Quite a random use for a dishwasher tablet.

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I know! It was one of those enormous grey slugs and it had crawled inside a what turns into a very narrow tube and couldn’t turn around to get out. We were on 2 weeks holiday at the time and came back to this horrible smell. I tried everything to get it out, but slug slime is nearly impossible to completely remove with normal methods, and then I thought-“What about a powerball?” I took the powerball out and put it inside the light-saber, put the light-saber in a full sink and then let the rest of the tablet dissolve in the water. It worked. How the slug got inside my house is still a mystery though…

Sam x

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