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Bulk Edit Listing Descriptions

Hi everyone, I need to add a standard sentence into the description of all of my listings, therefore I need to do a bulk edit, but I can’t see the functionality to add the sentence in the bulk edit page. Does this functionality not exist here? Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

Sorry no bulk edit option here. Could you use your shop announcement for the standard sentence to save you from adding it to every listing?

I’m afraid you have to do that item by item.

Bulk-editting Descriptions would mean that you end up with lots of identical descriptions, and that’s not good from the point of view of Google and other searches. I understand that if Google sees several pages with the same text, it decides that are all identical and only shows one of them, so it’s much better to tailor all your descriptions individually. It does take a deal of creativity to come up with different forms of words for lots of similar items, though!

Thanks for your reply Helen. That’s a pain isn’t it! I just want to add my name at the bottom of each listing description, not make the descriptions all the same. I currently have 170 listings, so going into each one to add my name is a non-starter…!

Thanks for replying Sasha, I just replied to Helen before I saw your reply. I just want to add my name to the bottom of each listing description.