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Bulk Editing for Postal Charges

I’ve been trying to use the Bulk Edit Listing tab to change my postal charges ready for the National increases going into effect tomorrow but it won’t let me in. Just spinning. Are you aware of this?

Same here. With 450+ listings, I#m dreading if I have to do them individually. Any help #folksyadmin would be appreciated.

I’ve just used the bulk edit tool to change about 20 listings so it is working. Perhaps try doing it in batches. (@AvaKitsch)

I think you have to tick the ones you want to change first , then it comes up to ask you what pirce you want and does them when you submit. Try with just a few first as I did… Mind you I’m not far down as didn’t dare do too many at once…

Thanks everyone, I wasn’t ticking the boxes! Silly me. I did a few at first and it was fine, then I chanced the lot. It crashed the page but when I’ve gone back to check my shop, it seems to have updated the prices on each listing. Thanks everyone for the help!

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That’s what we’re here for … and I knew the problem you were having as I did exactly the same myself last night… not surprising as it’s not something we do very often :slight_smile:

I think the ticking box bit was probably what I didn’t do either! Can’t remember now as I did them all individually instead on that day I posted the issue - but at least it was only 80, not 480!!

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