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Buyers of buttons

(Eileens Craft Studio) #1

how do you like to buy your buttons do you buy sets or do you like to buy bags of mixed buttons?

I buy both as I like mixed for when I want to create something where the buttons are a feature but I also buys sets of buttons when I want some all the same colour and size for a particular project.

I was wondering should I add mixed bags of buttons to my shop as I do sell sets of buttons but I’ve been going through the buttons I sell as sets and realized I have some that might be good to go into mixed lots of buttons.

( Carol ) #2

I like to buy sets as I find with mixed you never seem to get enough of one type.

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #3

I like both. My sets normally get mixed up anyway though. Ops

(Oh Button Me) #4

I like both if I haven’t got a set project I buy mixed but if I have I buy a set.

(Kim Blythe) #5

I tend to buy sets, or I might buy an odd button if it’s really pretty as I do use just one on some bags I make…but mostly I use sets.
I don’t buy mixed bags generally as I find I won’t us a lot of them.

(Helen Smith) #6

I’m very specific, I buy yellow buttons sized 20-23mm, no shanks, for my ffflower centres. Always on the lookout for different designs.

(Claire Woodhead) #7

I love wooden buttons. They seem to go well with my nature theme. They can be quite expensive though and when I was on holiday in Totnes I found a lovely little haberdashery shop with cheaper ones for sale. I bought the whole lot!
The shopkeeper was a bit surprised :grin:

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(Eileens Craft Studio) #8

Oh yes wooden buttons can be expensive if you don’t buy them in bulk. I have a large amount of wooden buttons.

Well I see most are like me in that you buy both. So I think I’ll add a some mixed bags of button to my sets of buttons.

Thank you everyone for your help :blush:

(Angela Bardle) #9

I like button sets, when I know that is what is needed for my project. I also like mixed sets, often for inspiration, using a button I would never have bought for a project. My absolutely favourite has to be vintage, I love them.