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How Do You Like Your Buttons? Opinions Please

Hi Everyone.

I’m trying to give my little shop a bit of a boost, and listing my products in different ways. I was wondering how people like to buy buttons, loose or presented sewn onto card. Would appreciate your opinions.

Many Thanks
Natasha x

Sewn onto card always looks nicer but it would add to the cost so I guess that if I were buying I’d prefer loose.

I like mine firmly attached to my cardi (you’ve reminded me that one needs reattaching) otherwise it is rare that I buy buttons (I tend to rescue them from my OH’s old clothes). I had a thought - too keep with the ribbon theme rather than branching out (but there is nothing wrong with branching out if that is what you want to do) could you sell things made from ribbons (brooches and xmas decorations were the things that came to mind) and also kits so that the crafty types could make their own?

I normally buy them loose, in packs of 10, 20, 30, 40 etc.

Natalie x

Thanks Sasha, I’m going to keep with my ribbons, as this is what I love to sell. I have started offering ribbon bundles, and will be offering kits in the near future. Thanks for your support, greatly appreciated.

I like to buy my buttons loose as I don’t end up with as many odd buttons as I would with cards.
Hope this helps. Maureen x

I’ve sold buttons on here (when my stash got too big to store). I sold some sewn on cards and also sold a set of buttons which were just piled up, but on this set I put a coin in the photo to show how big the buttons were because there was a selection of sizes.

I tend to buy large buttons (25-40mm wide) for bags or cushions, so they are generally in sets of 6 or 8 attached to a card. This keeps them from overlapping each other, so they can be posted at letter rate (thickness 5mm).

Smaller buttons are often in a pack of 20 or more, and are usually loose in a bag.