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Calculating international postage

Hi again

So far I have only listed items to be sold in the UK. I am wondering whether it would be worth offering sale elsewhere as well but I don’t know how I’d know the postage for different areas. Is there a price list somewhere?

Also, Is there a big following of folksy outwith the UK?

Here is the online copy of the price leaflet available from Royal Mail. I expect prices from other couriers can be found online too.

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Great thank you! I was imagining having to bring items to the post office to check prices for different countries! Very helpful x

One of the best things I ever bought was a set of digital scales (my cookery scales use imperial weights)

Given the size of your framed items I’d recommend doing a dummy parcel (ie wrap it up as if you were going to post it but don’t actually post it) and then you will know the weight and dimensions - all the bubble wrap and cardboard required to protect those many push it into the next weight or size category.

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Definitely worth having digital scales in your workroom. I have a postal template ruler for letters and large letters which I bought at the PO and I couldn’t do without it now. I think setting P&P prices is difficult to start off with, but gets easier.

Good thinking thanks!