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Prices and postage?

(FeltyTowers) #1

Hello, bit of a newbie here. I’ve been making felt for a little while, started doing craft fairs and getting a great response so have added 3 felt pictures to Folksy hoping they’ll sell! I think I’ve got the right price but who knows what someone will pay for them?! I’ve put them on at £60 for a 50x50cm framed picture. I’ve never posted a picture though so have slightly guessed at what to charge going by what Royal mail says- £15 sound alright? any advice would be really welcome. Thanks!

(Brenda Cumming) #2

Hi Felty Towers…welcome to Folksy…I hope I can give some help and advice…and hope it doesn’t put you off too much…
My first thought when looking at your pictures was the fact that you can see reflections in your photos, including YOU taking the picture. I KNOW that taking pictures that are in glass is extremely difficult and have had this problem myself…I think the only answer is to take the photo at an angle or remove the glass, take the picture and then put the glass back.
I have done a lot of felting and needlefelting in the past and I know the hard work (and sore fingers) that it involves…but I do think your pictures seem a bit expensive. Others will probably disagree with me…I think the Cockerel is fairly priced but that the lollipops would do better if they were slightly cheaper. Pricing is difficult and you have to decide if you are willing to wait for that one elusive sale or sell more at slightly lower prices. I prefer (personally) to be on my way to the bank with lots of pennies than hope for one higher sale. At the end of the day, the decision is yours.
Also if you could put your items in collections it would help as you have kits and ready made pictures mixed up and this might cause some confusion.
Whatever you decide…good luck with your shop

(sejleather) #3

Hi, welcome.

I think your prices are good, presumably many hours of work went into them, not to mention your material costs, so I think £60 is fair.

As regards postage, you need to weigh your pictures and then check out the postage calculator on royal mail website. Then remember to add on your packing materials cost.

Have you thought about selling the pictures without frames? I personally would probably like to frame them myself. Just my preference.

Good luck.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

The Royal Mail will not cover you for glass that’s why I don’t sell my glass items online.

First Class covers you for up to £20 insurance for most items but not if there’s glass or china involved.

You need to do a practice on packing up one of your items so you can work out how much the packing will cost you and how best to get it to the customer without getting damaged.

You then have to get it weigh and either ask at the post office or use the Royal Mail postage site to work out what size and weight your item fits into then that will give you the price then add on the price of your packing materials.
Hope that helps and all the best :slight_smile:

(Brenda Cumming) #5

For some time now, I have been very aware that I undercharge for my paintings. I have seen most artists asking for, and getting, double (and more) the amount that I am asking for. I have seen people getting more for prints of similar paintings than I get for my original artwork. I have seen people selling paintings for £65 for a size that I only list at £15.
I have spent hundreds of pounds on books and dvd’s to learn how to improve on my work and now I feel that I am worthy of more than I am getting.
Therefore, as from September 1st, I shall be increasing my prices.
So if anyone of you are considering buying any of my paintings (a very good investment) you have a few weeks left at my current prices.

Thank you.

(Inglivintage) #6

Don’t forget to factor in the cut that Paypal will take on the transaction!!!

(Brenda Cumming) #7

I know…sometimes I am lucky to get 50p for a painting, after all the fees are taken !

(Eileens Craft Studio) #8

Oh Brenda that’s terrible your paintings are worth more, your talent and time is worth more.