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Camera recommendations for photographing jewellery?

My trusty Olympus PM-1 that I’ve been using for photographing my jewellery for the past few years has bitten the dust (literally - I dropped it down the stairs:cry:) and I need to replace it. (That model is no longer made, and in any case I struggled to adjust the white balance easily.)

Does anyone have any recommendations for a camera that’s good for jewellery photography - but costs no more than £500? I do want something that’s fairly easy to use, but definitely a “proper” camera, not just my camera phone.

I’d be grateful for any suggestions - thanks!

Anne x

I use a Canon EOS which I find works well. I like the way I can adjust the settings, and I’ve recently bought some lights so I’m going to start the arduous process of updating all my photos. I’ve also got a macro lens that I’m just getting to grips with as well - I tend to be someone who likes to play around with the settings for a while, and then fix on one thing for a bit.

I use a nikon (with a macro lens) that I inherited from my OH as he swears by the quality of the optics (he’s the serious photographer of the pair of us) he was very tempted by their bridge cameras when he recently upgraded but went old school DSLR in the end (I think it was to do with lens choices in the end). I strongly recommend going and fondling cameras before you buy anything to make sure it feels right in your hands (size and weight distribution) and that you can easily reach all the buttons.

Thanks, Rhiannon - I’ll check out the Canon I’ve been using a macro lens with my Olympus, so I hope they are generic and that it’ll fit another brand!

Thanks Sasha - that’s a good reminder. (One of the things that I’ve liked about my Olympus is that it’s not too big or heavy.) I’ve never owned a Nikon, but I do have a macro lens (hope it fits another brand.)

You can get converter rings which will change the fitting from one manufacturer to another if your macro lens isn’t compatible with the new camera.

Ooh, that’s good to know, thanks!

I’ve got a Nikon bridge camera - Coolpix P510. I’v had it a few years now but it was definitely under £500. It has a macro setting for photographing close up so great for jewellery and is really easy to use.

Thanks, Karen!

If you already have Olympus lenses, why not try the Olympus Pen model? You can buy the bodies of the previous models for around £300 depends which one. I use the brand to shoot professionally

Also, you can use any old lenses to fit the new camera with an adaptor.
My favourite macro was their old 35mm which I use with an adaptor to my new camera.

If you want something to withstand accidents and water, check out Olympus Tough models. They’re only £399 or less depends on model.

Hi Gene, thank you for your reply. As it happens it was my Olympus PEN that I broke! It hadn’t occured to me that I might be able to buy a new body, but in the event I decided to send it back to Olympus to see if they could repair it, and it turns out that they can,a nd pretty cheaply too. So I’m very happy!

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I am glad you’ve got that sorted and you’re welcome. I wasn’t sure which model you had on your original post. Yes, the guys in Portugal do fix things cheaply and the turnaround is reasonable too. Your lens is okay too?

If you are anywhere near Birmingham NEC, they usually have a free camera and lens cleaning at their stand at the Photography show in March.