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Lightcase Pro

(Carol Webb) #1

Hi all, I need to find a good way of photographing my fused glass items and I was thinking of the Lightcase Pro. I wondered if anyone has any experience of it or the original Lightcase. I know Folksy ran a competition for the Pro, so there should be one person I guess :smile:
Any advice would be gratefully received.

(Helen Smith) #2

Totally sympathise with the photographing glass thing!

I have an original lightcase and most of the smaller things in my shop (pendants, earrings, cufflinks etc) were photographed using it. I find it really handy, it does cut out some of the annoying reflections (although not always all of them, I have to get the angle right for that) and it’s really easy to set up and use compared to some of the other solutions I’ve tried.

I did find it was a bit small for some things so I have invested in the pro version too, which is a little bigger but not massively so.

I had a peep at your photos and I think light levels are maybe an issue for you, with the lightcase you still need to find somewhere with good light levels to do your photography. And I generally lighten up the pics in a photo editor afterwards too.

Hope that helps!

(Carol Webb) #3

Thank you Helen that’s great. You are right about the light levels, always been a problem and now it is the winter and dark evenings…hey ho!