Help with photos

I am struggling to take good clear photos of my jewellery with my old android phone. I have tried all the advice and also use a tripod. Can anyone recommend a phone with good camera that doesn’t cost the earth?

Hi. I bought a Motorola e30 recently. It wasn’t hugely expensive compared to other phones and the camera is pretty good :+1:

(not sure what previous advice you’ve been given so sorry if this is a repeat)
Have you tried a clip on macro lens on your current camera phone? When I look at your photos they look like they have been zoomed in a bit more than the image size really allows for which makes them slightly grainy and a macro lens should fix that. (you can get clip on macro lenses on amazon) If you do get a new phone check that it has a macro setting.

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Macro lens ordered, can’t wait to try it :grinning:

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Well, I no have a clip on macro lens (x10) but the area I can focus on us is so small I can only fit one stud earring in the picture which isn’t any good for me. Back to the drawing board!

Sorry - is that one stud at least nice and sharp?

Yes, but the second one is blurred. Unfortunately I won’t be able to use this lens for my necklaces and charms as they are too big. I didn’t realize that only tiny items can be photographed with a macro lens attachment.

It will depend a bit on the level of magnification of the macro lens (I’m used to using one on a DSLR) but I’m also wondering if its a depth of field issue as well.

I don’t really understand it all, but it was worth a try. I think a new phone may be the answer as mine is rather old. Thanks for your help anyway Sarah.

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