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Can anyone help? - Easter Bunny🐰 Treat Pouches Wanted (In Time For Monday)

(HannahAlmond) #1

Hi there,

I was wondering if you anybody on here would be able to help me. I’ve been contacting crafters on etsy looking for some bunny shaped pouches that I had seen several tutorials to make on blogs/Pinterest

Links to the tutorials

I’m needing them to be big enough to fit several small plastic eggs in (you know the ones you fill sweets with at easter) as I’m doing an Easter egg hunt (from the ‘Easter bunny’) for my daughter Esmé when she visits at Easter Monday. I always do her one, it’s are little tradition, she turns up all excited that the Easter bunny might of been, she opens the door to find a message saying that she needs to find the clues to find her surprise, and she excitedly runs round the room (I’m in a care home you see, so are hunts are unfortunately confined to inside my room) finding the clues and collecting the little eggs that are with them in her Easter bucket. The last clue leads her to where her Easter basket is stored. Any way, this year (as she’s older now - 6) I’m trying to come up with ideas to make it a little more difficult for her to find (which is very tricky when your confined to hiding stuff in one room). I’ve come up with maybe getting a blank puzzle and putting the last clue to where her baskets hidden on it. I’m then planning on getting my careers to hide the jigsaw pieces in little plastic eggs, in pouches around the room. So she’ll have to follow the clues, to collect the jigsaw pieces, then assemble the puzzle to get her final clue :slight_smile:

I actually had found a very nice seller on etsy , who was going to make 10 personalized Easter bunny pouches (similar to the picture above) for me for £13 (which was extremely kind of her). The thing is… She’s just messaged me to say her father in law has just been diagnosed with terminal leukaemia and that they’re travelling there tonight to be with him. It’s obviously a very difficult time for her, So There’s no way she’s going to be able to get the bags done in time.

So I’ve been desperately searching the Internet to try and find another crafter to make them for me in time, or something similar. Which is how I stumbled across this website :slight_smile: . I was wondering if anybody would be able to make me 10 bunny personalised Easter themed pouches (in bright spring patterned colours - like the picture above , as I absolutely love the fabrics used) with a cute bunny face stitched on the fronts, & a fluffy tail on the backs with her name on?

I’m on a very tight budget, so I guess… I’m just wondering if anybody on here would be able to make them, how much that it would roughly cost for about 10?

I really hope someone one here can help, and If you can, I very much look forward to hearing back from you soon :slight_smile: ,

Hannah Almond x

P.S Many thanks for taking the time to read this (I know it’s a bit rambly)

(Roz) #2

Sorry I can’t help as I wouldn’t be able to meet the deadline but I really hope someone will be able to make them for you. Hope you and your daughter have a lovely day.

(HannahAlmond) #3

Hi Roz,

That’s okay, Thankyou for taking the time to reply - very kind of you :slight_smile: Yes, hopefully fingers crossed someone can help me :slight_smile: Aww Thankyou I’m sure we will!

Hannah x

(Silvapagan) #4

Hannah with the postal service not running on Friday or Monday I doubt anyone would be able to get them to you in time now.

How about making them out of construction paper instead? You could make simple little paper bags, draw rabbit faces on the front and stick big ears on. And you could perhaps do that with your daughter when she arrives, as a fun activity to go with hunting the eggs afterwards.

(Sasha Garrett) #5

Hi Hannah,
As silvapagan says I doubt anyone could have them to you in time with the bank holidays. I had a quick search and found

you could always contact the seller and see if they could make them in time.
I remember one year the easter bunny developed a hole in his bag and my sister and i had to hunt the eggs in the living room/ diner. We failed miserably to find them all (but had fun doing so) and my parents randomly found eggs in strange places for months afterward.
Have fun