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Can I have your opinions please?

Could I have your opinion please? Over the last couple of months I’ve been putting frames around my photos because I thought the cheerful colours and themed frames for my different items made my shop look more interesting and child friendly. I use 4 different frames for the 4 different products I sell. However, my husband says it makes my items look like greetings cards and he thinks the photos look better without the frames. I would really appreciate any comments. Thanks. Martine

I think your beautiful dolls look better without the frames around the photos, would also give your shop a more consistent look.

Definitely a vote for no frames from me, I find them visually distracting

the frames make your items stand out from the crowd. maybe this one is too much though , too much going on.

I agree that the frames make the items look like greetings cards. I think I prefer the photos without the frames.

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I’m another no for the frames. If you wanted to make the dolls/ mice seem more appealing to kids you could try adding a little bit of in shot styling (I was thinking another child’s toy) this would also give the items a sense of scale.

I also prefer the no frame photos, can your dolls sit up, if they do maybe a little seat or bench for them to be posed sitting, just as another idea for staging your photos. You could possibly make one cheaply from a box covered in fabric or paper.

No frames from me too i’m afraid. Love your work - maybe as others have said come lifestyle shots although don’t make them too fussy. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone - no frames it is then. I’ll start removing them a few at a time. Much appreciated - it’s sometimes hard to know what looks best from a buyer’s point of view. Guess my other half was right - might not admit it to him though😉


I’m not the only one with a tactless husband then! I’m sure it was well meant, but really?

Personally I prefer them without the frames but I don’t think they look like greetings cards-they look like dollies :smile:

Sam x

I prefer the no frame ones too and I do agree with your husband, I think the frames make them look more like 2D artwork than 3D dolls.

I agree that …where your frames are lovely…your Dolls are Beautiful Madam.

I think I unsubtly pointed that out in a comment,on the Folksy group page one day not so long ago,too.That I thought they were cards till I checked your shop out.

Best of luck whatever you decide.
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Je M’appelle elizabet aka Hazy daisy :slight_smile:

I prefer no frames too :slight_smile: also Folksy wont choose your items for gift guides and folksy faves if the images have frames, which is why I’m slowly re-taking all my photos :expressionless:

Me too! much prefer photo’s without frames. :slight_smile:

I adore your work Martine and I like your photos the way they were, no frames. There is no doubt there what you are selling, a beautiful, characterful doll. No embellishments needed. xxx

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Thank you so much everyone for your help. I’ve now removed all of the frames. I think you’re all right. They do look better. Thanks again. Martine x

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much better x