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Can we still see the top sellers on Folksy?

I’ve just looked on the folksy main page and can no longer see the top sellers list. Has that been removed or am I just missing it?

Tracy x

Yes it still exists you just need to know where to look.


Thank you Sasha :slight_smile: x

Ooh, thanks for that link :slight_smile: I never know where to find it now - but it was nice having a nose and seeing I’m at no. 29 :smiley:


That’s really good Sara :slight_smile:

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If you loose the link again just google ‘folksy top sellers’ - I’ve no idea how to find it any other way.

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And up to no. 19 today :smiley: Have bookmarked the page - I used to like being able to find it easily on the front page. Shame it changed.