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Cant find the colour I need for description

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

Hi, i make jewellery using ab and crystal beads. I just listed a couple of necklace but the colour description section doesnt come up with words like clear, ab or aurora borealis. CAn I just type those words in for it to be included in teh colour descriptions box or does it have to be clicked on the drop list to be included?
What do other ab bead users use as colour descriptions?

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

you can add new one that aren’t in the drop down list however sometimes they aren’t accepted but other times they are.

I use acrylic yarn and have to type it in every time some times when I hit the list function it won’t let me but most of the times it does.

When you add a colour or material it doesn’t have in the drop down list it comes up with the message we don’t presently have this colour/material listed but we will add it to the list if it is requested more often.

So try it and all the best

(Sasha Garrett) #3

Just type it in the box and hit enter - I’ve been doing that for yonks in the materials section as I like unusual ones. It won’t come up as an option in the tick box search filters that go with the category (ie the things on the left when you go to jewellery/ necklaces from the home page) so make sure you have some colour selections that do and not just aurora borealis for the people who like to search in that way. (that sentence makes sense in my head but sorry if its not completely clear) And I’ve no idea how many of us need to use/ add a descriptor before it appears in the drop down menu but it must be lots as turquoise still doesn’t appear as a material.

(Samantha Stanley) #4

I’m not sure that many customers know what AB or aurora borealis means-it is a bit esoteric. Maybe you should use iridescent or rainbow instead?

Love Sam x

(Linda Wild) #5

Like Sasha I’ve always just typed in the colour or material, and I don’t think I’ve ever had anything not be accepted.

(Grimm Exhibition) #6

Thanks for your replies, I shall give them a go.