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Materials of making

(Rachel) #1


When I list an item I keep getting notices that the materials I am using to create an item are not listed. Does anyone else get this? Thank you Rachel

(Dawn Sneesby) #2

Hi Rachel,

You can type in the material you are using and just press enter and it should come up.

(Rachel) #3

Thank you Dawn, I thought I had done this. I shall try again thank you

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

Yes sometimes we use a material that is not yet in the list for me it’s acrylic yarn I just type it in manually and it’s accepted with a extra message underneath saying not in the list if its used more often it will be added to the list.

I’ve found if you start typing in a material and it’s in the list and you don’t click on that item but carry on type it gets a wee bit confused.

To many not in the list materials and I think the programme becomes confussed and when you hit the icon to preview it doesn’t let you.

I simply go back and delete the materials and re do them.

(Sasha Garrett) #5

Unfortunately it requires multiple people to be using the same material multiple times for it to be permenantly added to the selection that it knows so just because you’ve added something once doesn’t mean it will be there next time. This is a real pain in the preverbial as there are some major omissions in the gemstone list such as turquoise never mind the more unusual ones. I think there is a request in the uservoice thingy about getting them updated.

(Leathermeister) #6

I have faced this several times even with items I consider normal like leather and stainless steel, after a few times of inputting them the system has updated and they are recognised .