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Cards and Papercraft Weekly Monday Thread 22/28 September

(Cariad Crafts) #1

A place to show, admire and if you are inclined, to buy all kinds of cards and paper crafts smile

If you have time we are all happy to be stumbled, tweeted, facebook liked,blogged to your hearts content.

Most are happy to be pinned too, but they will say in their post if not.

Buyers if you don’t see what you are looking for, please ask.

The theme for today is the colour BLUE but as usual, anything will do

Good luck and look forward to a good variety

Carol xx

(Cariad Crafts) #2

Morning all

Welcome Brittany @Britts Little Paper Shop, your contribution to last weeks thread lovely. You are way ahead of me with Christmas, not got my tinsel out yet!!!

Hope we like the colour blue, I thought I would try and keep my recent holiday in mind with the lovely blue skies and seas. aaaaaaaah :sunny:

So here goes

Carol xx

(Stephanie Short) #3

Hiya all!
Thanks Carol @cariadcrafts11 for starting another week, much appreciated :blush:
I’ll list tomorrow, bit late now had a hectic day, Cameron at hospital today with his footy injury, he’s got a moon boot on and he has to have a ct scan on his ankle!! :frowning:
See you all tomorrow Steph xx

(Lucy Layland) #4

Hi! Fab theme, and lovely designs so far! Here’s my blue birthday card for a little boy…

Lucy x

(Ronald Koorm) #5

Made the original version of this card for a real film director/producer. Have versions in Pink, mauve, yellow , green and blue and mainly removed the Director’s name and birthday month to make the card more general. The pink version and blue version is on Folksy for now.
Blue works best on this card.
The camera and clapperboard were designed from scratch, and not added with clip art images. Took a while but worth it. Also made a record sleeve sized version for the Director which looked effective.

Sold some of the blue cards to a few crafters at a local craft fair.


(Cariad Crafts) #6

Morning all Papercrafters,

Welcome Ron @Rkaimages - love that unusual card, and well done on your design - its stunning and I am sure it will have a wide appeal. Here’s blowing the sales fairy your way

Steph @stephshortstationery - hope Cameron is in less pain now, was it whilst he was playing footie? Hope he doesn’t miss too much college tho!!!

Lucy @ArtisanDesigns - another pretty card, love that elephant.

Well its sunny again but very cool this morning - but it is the first day of autumn - so soon be gloves and scarves!!!

Here’s to a good Tuesday

Carol xx

(Cariad Crafts) #7

Morning everyone

Wonder where everyone is tho? Hope you are all well - missing you :-))) Can’t wait to see all your blue creations.

Here are mine for today

Carol xx

Off to see the Jersey Boys in Manchester today, getting excited already!!!

(Stephanie Short) #8

Morning all!
Thanks Carol @cariadcrafts11 for thoughts on Cameron, he returned to college yesterday, luckily it was only half a day but it did mean me making the journey with him, really to give him a little support and a general hand really because he’s never been on the bus whilst using the crutches and now he has the moon boot to contend with! Gosh bus journeys are so expensive, cost me £6.20 for an all day pass and it cost Cameron £3.75!! And I’m on college duty again today…actually here now, so another £10 give or take loose change, on bus journeys! Not as bad today as his dad can pick him up at tea time, it’s his first full day.
I really feel for him, not what a teenager needs to stand out in a crowd, but he’s took the bull by the horns and tackled the situation.
I always tell him the best way to tackle something big is to look at the bigger picture and tackle it in parts by saying right that’s that bit done, now this bit. Not sure if he takes notice, but you just try and ease the anxiety for them…just wish I could take notice of the advice myself!!!

So sorry for rabbiting on! Here’s my blue offering today

And this one

Steph xx

(Diane Burton) #9

I’ve been a bit lazy with listing so far this month but listed a card this morning then came onto here and was delighted that my card fitted the theme (must be psychic :slight_smile: )

(Cariad Crafts) #10


Phew shopping done, cleaning almost done Phew

Diane @DeesDesigns - that is so amazing, and so pretty

Steph @stephshortstationery - sounds you are all having a rough time, hope Cameron is feeling better and able to manage the journey ok. Your purse sound like it is taking a battering too ooooooo What a rotten start to his college year, but hopefully all students are rallying round and helping as much as they can.

Here is mine for today

Carol xx


Very late ( at the eve of the day)

This is blue

Sue x

(Cariad Crafts) #12

Afternoon - sorry late again but all cleaning done now, just started to rain so thinking of getting Christmas hat on - is it too early do you think?

Anyway still thinking blue at the moment - am sorry if this theme is not the best but please post your latest or your favourite items - feeling quite lonely this week

Carol xx

(Linda Carter) #13

A beautiful card for a baby boy x

(Esterina Kearse) #14

A beautiful birthday card.

(Cariad Crafts) #15

Morning, start of the weekend, cloudy but forecast good so fingers x as just washed my bedding and all on the line now just waiting for the sun!!!

Welcome Esterina @Craftaholic and Linda @DesignedbyLinda - beautiful individual cards

Son just landed back from a weeks work in Thailand, feel for him as it is quite chilly at the moment - a bit of a change to the 30 degrees he has just left !!

Here is mine for today

Hope everyone has a good weekend

Carol xx

(Stephanie Short) #16

Morning all!

Carol @cariadcrafts11 thanks for well wishes for Cameron yes my purse has really took a bashing this week! Buses are so expensive, can’t believe it!
It has been a bit of a rough start for him but I’m so proud of him how he’s has tackled it head on especially as everything is embarrassing when you are that age!
When we had a chat to his tutor she was desperate to get him back in to college full stop really, as she said the first few weeks are crucial to forming friends and groups. Anyway I’m off travel duties next week, as his dad is on the right shift so he can take and pick him up most days.

Welcome all newcomers btw :wink:

A new pack of ten from me today, Steph xx

(Esterina Kearse) #17

Pack of 4 Blank Note Cards, hope you like them.

Esterina x

(Cariad Crafts) #18

Morning, we have sunshine :-)) So washer busy again. At least washbasket empty now.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend and getting lots done. I started on some Christmas cards yesterday - yes that C word!!! so will try and get them photoed and listed later. Sunday roast to get on with first.

Here is my last blue of the week.

(well pink and green!!)

Carol xx

(Stephanie Short) #19

Morning everyone!

Hope you are all ok and enjoying your weekend x

I Listed this new card a few days ago but didn’t get a chance to post

Steph x