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Categorising dog biscuits

(Pixie Vixen) #1

Right, I just made an AMAZING batch of bacon biscuits for my whippets, and they love them so much, they want me to share them with the rest of the doggy world (ok, no, they want to keep them all to themselves, but that would be GREEDY)

My question is: what category do you think they best belong in? There’s nothing under Garden & Pets which might suggest pet treats or pet food, but neither is there under Homemade Food. Do they belong with biscuits, or do they belong with Everything Else in the pet category?

Thanks in advance for advice!
Vixen x

(Ms Cup Cake) #2

Pets - otherwise people might think they are edible by humans! lol

(Pixie Vixen) #3

I have to say, it’s been tempting… I mean…BACON. What’s not to like?

(Little Ramstudio) #4

What lucky Whippets :smile:

(Pixie Vixen) #5

They’re now trying to steal each others’ biscuits! They must be yum…

They’re nice crunchy biscuits too which is good for teething puppies :slight_smile:

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #6

They sound ace! I’m sure my cat Tom would be happy to act as a Feline Tester…

I think they really have to go with “Everything Else” under “Pets”, however frustrating that is… They’re not humans’ food, so they can’t be listed with that, in case someone makes a mistake. You could have all kinds of problems if they realised they had eaten dog food (even if it is technically fit for humans!).

Better be safe, rather than sorry - your reputation is important.

Please post the link when you list them - I want to seeeeeee!

Good luck,

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(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #7

PS. I’m guessing that to sell Pet Food, you don’t have to have the same Food Safety Certification that you need in order to sell Human Food commercially… Another reason to make sure it’s in the Pets category?

(Claire Davis) #8

I thought dog and cat food had to be fit for human consumption, in case someone ate it by mistake / whilst drunk? Or maybe that’s just what my husband told me to reassure me when I found our daughter eating from the cat’s bowl! Anyway, bacon biscuits sound delicious, what lucky dogs!

(Pixie Vixen) #9

Good points! And I suppose if I put it under pets, people are more likely to come across them when they’re idly browsing for pet things…

They might be a little large for kitty cat mouths, but that doesn’t stop me from making another, cat-bite-sized batch!

Right, now I have to think about packaging :smile:
Vixen x

(Pixie Vixen) #10

Haha, that’s not one I’ve heard before!! I think maybe you’re right in thinking your husband was trying to reassure you… But your daughter won’t have been the only kid to have tried out the pet’s food, so not to worry!!
Vixen x

(Rachel Jinks) #11

Have you looked into the regulations? I believe there are quite a few for making and selling pet food- I had a friend who looked into it but abandoned the idea due to the red tape. I think you need to give a nutritional breakdown as for human food. As an example here are some of the requirements from DEFRA: in particular the bottom paragraph.

For @TheDragonflyLane - the food doesn’t have to be ‘normal’ human quality but it does have a lot of the same quality control so shouldn’t make a human ill if they ate it- however being sick because it tastes so gross to us is another matter though!! I subconsciously licked my hand after getting some cat food on t the other day and was gagging over the sink for a while…

(Pixie Vixen) #12

I hadn’t even considered that, isn’t that awful! I guess I thought it was generally ok as a lady I know was selling hers at a local craft market recently. I hadn’t even considered that maybe she would need to be certified.

I’ll do some investigating and talk to my local council :smile: Thanks for the tip off!

Vixen x