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I'm about to open a new shop & I need help

My name is Lizzie, and I knit everything myself.

I knit dog coats, chicken jumpers, guinea pig jumpers and loads of other knitted items , the thing is I cant find what I would put my pet clothing in which category would they come under, can anyone help me, before I start to upload my items for sale

Any help appreciated, I will be back to introduce myself more

Hi Lizzie,
Your pet items will come under ‘Homeware’ and then ‘Garden & Pets’. There is a section for dog coats, but chicken and guinea pig jumpers might need to come under the general ‘Everything Else’ category.

Good luck with your shop. I look forward to seeing your items.


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There is a section for dog coats in homewares/ garden and pets and I’d probably put all other pet coats/ jumpers in there. So long as you get your titles and tags right so that people find your items when they use the search function I don’t think it will matter to much if they are not in quite the right category.
ps welcome to folksy

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Hi Lizzie welcome to Folksy! Looking forward to seeing your listings :smiley:

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Good luck to you :grinning:

I think id agree with SashaGarrette put them all in the dog coat section, sounds interesting… little coats for little creatures, I like it. Good luck with your shop.

thank you, I now have my banner on my shop, as my items are mostly knitted would people buy now or more in the winter month

Little knitted coats seems a really different market to get into, I can’t wait to see them. I have heard of little coats for chickens who were once battery hens, who have lost their feathers. When they get adopted they need a little coat for going outside, so lovely. Good luck for the opening of you shop.