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CE Testing?

I have made a small tote style bag for my 4 year old granddaughter for Christmas.
I have had a few requests about making some similar ones for a couple of her friends but wasn’t sure if they would need CE testing…does anyone know?

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I don’t know if there’s anything useful to you in this discussion, Kim…

I did make the bags (although I haven’t sold a single one yet) :slight_smile:

Thank you Christine, I will read through it see if it can shed some light!
I don’t want to get in to the CE testing, that’s why I don’t make any toys to sell!

Thanks again for your help

@KBCreations here is a useful website with a pdf file giving the regulations on lots of child safety requirements. The pdf file can be found on the left hand side, click on products and safety in the home and then the file with the Union Jack. The only bags mentioned are plastic carrier bags. The PDF file covers almost everything for children and tote/shopping/cloth bags are not covered. I make small tote bags some of which can be used for children but I usually say not suitable for under 3 years. Hope this is useful.


Thank you for the information Zoe, it’s really helpful.


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I don’t have CE testing on my bags, but I deliberately made the handles quite short and didn’t add things like buttons, so I think they’re totally safe. I’m sure I used to give my kids far more dangerous things!
Don’t know if I’m breaking the law, though :confused:

Hi! Not sure if it applies to bags, I guess they might count as ‘dress up’ - see this thread & the CE marking website:

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