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Are there any safety laws for children's bags?

Some time ago I read the sad story of a baby who had died after a drawstring bag was left in her cot at a nursery. I know there are rules about “strangulation hazards” with toys, but what about bags? Should the handles be too small to go over a child’s head on a tote bag? Do we have to add a warning to kids’ shoulder bags?
I have some vintage pictures from rag books that I would like to apply to some little bags, but am worried about regulations. Does anyone know?

I’ve only made a couple of tote bags for children and that was a while ago now. I did look it up at the time and I’m sure that the handles have to be no longer than a certain length (presumably so that they can’t fit over a child’s head). Can’t remember what that is though - although it should be easy to google. Sorry I can’t be of any more help!

I don’t know about regulations, but for interest, another seller was asking about these quick-release connectors a while ago, which seem a really good idea anyway.

Not sure of the regulations regarding bags but I know there is a maximum length for cords on toys. Try ringing your trading standards office to ask or maybe one of the CE websites can help. Heres one that seems to have a lot of information.

Thanks for your replies, @CoverStory & @HelenCliffordArt. All I’ve found so far is some recommendation from Toy Industries of Europe, but it seems to cover so much stuff. It says a “noose” shouldn’t exceed 380mm, so I suppose that would include the length of the handle and the fabric in between.
I was looking at some kid’s bags on Folksy and a lot of them are lovely but so cheap! It makes me wonder whether it’s worth doing it at all :slight_smile:

Thanks, Roz! I shall have a look at that.

Rather than turning the rag book pages into kids bags could you patch work a few together to make a nappy bag or applique one on to a bigger bag make vintage style themed bag for adults? You could probably charge more for that sort of thing and then you don’t need to worry about the safety aspect.


That’s a good idea, Sacha, but I don’t know if I have the sewing skills to make much more than a couple of squares fixed together! I’m sure the vintage pictures would probably appeal more to adults than children, having the nostalgia element. Perhaps I should just attach them to fabric and make them into trendy retro pictures…

The first and best place to ask is your local Trading Standards Office. You should be able to find them (and an email address) via Google. If the bag is intended for play for example, then it will need CE testing. If it’s not intended for play but for practical use, then it may have to adhere to safety regs (i.e. inclusion of warning label and quick release connectors). In both instances TS can be helpful in saying what needs to be done. My local TS came round my house once when I used to make toys, and are quite helpful and friendly. :slight_smile:

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