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Celebrate National Yarn Shop Day - April 30th

(sandranesbitt) #1

I’m helping organise the Yarn Shop Day at my local yarn shop in Slaithwaite , Huddersfield. Its only a small shop , but we are extending out in to the gallery space for the day (and possible a few days before too) so that we can showcase crafty makes and more yarns. There is going to be free goody bags , raffle prizes , competitions and mini workshops too.

A really fun day

I see it as a BIG chance to get hand made crafty work seen by the public.

Our fb event page is here -

Official info re Yarn Shop Day is here -

Is anyone else involved? Any Yarn shops near you joining in? If so what are they doing on the day? would love to hear.

(WoollyPops) #2


Our local Abakhan is joining in. They’re running a teach kids to knit and crochet. Prizes. Tea and cake. Free patterns Tec. I missed last year’s but I’ll definitely be going this year :slight_smile: think I may take my little lady along too.

Here’s the link if there’s anyone in Staffordshire out there interested.

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(Sarah Lambert) #3

Sounds like a lovely idea :slight_smile:

(sandranesbitt) #4

Well we have been working on more of the detail. All sorts going on as well as loads of lovely yarn and hand made crafts (some from great folksy peeps)

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(sandranesbitt) #5

Its nearly here , final hurdle to overcome , setting up the shop with the lovely goodies