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Hi Everyone!
My name’s Jo and my shop is called Hookawoolly. I just reactivated my Folksy account a month ago with my new business selling British supplied yarn.
To say hello I would like to offer Woolly Folksy sellers a discount code - FOLKSY10 valid until the end of May.
I will look forward to perusing the other shops on here too :blush:
Speak to you soon!


I only knit and crochet for me, I don’t sell it in my shop, but I love your yarns. I ordered some on Friday so I’m looking forward to it arriving. I’m a sucker for colour changing yarn, much easier than Fairisle or intarsia!

Thank-you! I love that Rainbow yarn, so fun! It’s on its way to you :blush::+1:
Have you a shop on here? I must have a look! X

Ooh I like your rainbow bag! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Your shop is lovely! :+1: X

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Ooh - all those lovely balls of wool :heart:. I love knitting and really want to learn to crochet. Unfortunately I don’t ever seem have time to do either - I work full time as well as running my crafting business (which I don’t knit for). If I ever manage to somehow find some time though, I’ll be back to check out your shop again.

Thank-you Helen, your shop is lovely, really love the beach hut cushions! :blush:

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Hi Jo, Just had a quick look at your shop. Loads of lovely wool. Have plenty of wool at the moment but will definitely be looking at purchasing when running low. great shop. Just what us knitters and crochet fanatics need.


welcome back…haven’t looked in your shop yet but will take a look later.
Good luck with your sales.

Thank-you Denise! Your baby creations are lovely :heart_eyes:

Hi Brenda! Love your poncho, but aren’t you multi-talented! Lovely paintings too!

Love your shop, good luck with it! Are you based in West Yorkshire? Do you go to Yarndale?

Nooooo … dont tempt me! Lovely shop and welcome back.

Hi Stephanie! I’m in Lancashire, just an hour from Leeds though! :smile: Yes I’m going to Yarndale, love it, are you? x

Thank-you!! :blush: X

I hadn’t heard of Yarndale before - just looked at their website - looks like fun and my daughter is at Uni in Leeds so I could combine a trip. Couldn’t find a list of exhibitors but would there be plenty there for a felting addict like me do you think?

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I went 2 years ago, it was FAB - lots of yarn, buttons, etc. The town gets yarn-bombed too which is great fun to see. Last year the date clashed with uni returns and it’s entirely possible that it’ll be the same again this year, but I’ll be there if I can. We camped nearby and got the train in which added to the whole excitement.

I’m in Lancashire too, Ormskirk. Where abouts are you?

I’m not the knitter in my family my mum is and I still owe her a birthday present - she’s after long colour change sock wool (probably to knit shawls rather than socks hense the need for long colour changes I guess). Do you have anything that fits? The colour change bit I get but I can’t tell a long colour change unless it hits me in the face so please throw any appropriate ball suggestions at me.

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Love your shop I crochet and can do very basic knitting :laughing:

I must use up the mass of wool I already have but have favourite your shop.

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Hi Sasha!
I have lots of self-striping sock wool, if you look at the Signature 4ply collection - The Countrybirds range has stripes and patterns in the colours of the birds represented and the Cocktail range is colourful stripes. Im not sure they are particularly long colour changes as they are designed for socks but Ive made shawls out of them and they look great :blush::+1: They are all British wool blends from Yorkshire as well :blush:
Hope that helps!