Folksy Ltd

Changed Shop Name

Chrisssy’s Cards has now changed its name to Chrisssy’s Creations and I have started selling a new range, my handcrafted jewellery.

I hope you like my new products


Do you realise that your shop url remains as which could be confusing when you direct people to your shop? I don’t think you can change this either.

Lovely shop btw :smiley:

You’re right, Carol, you can’t change the URL. The only way to correct this would be to close down your original account and re-register under the new name.
But good luck with your new direction, Chris.

Thanks for the advice, perhaps if I rename to Chrisssy’s cards & creations it would resolve the issue. I have only recently paid my annual fee so closing the account and reopening is not a viable option I am afraid.

Thanks also for the good wishes with my new venture