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Changing usernames and shop address/URL

I’m pleased to announce that we are now able to change your username (and therefore your shop URL/address) for you. This is useful if you set up with a username that doesn’t match your shop name, or if you signed up with Facebook and were assigned a username that you are not happy with.


**Please note that there is no redirect in place. This means that if we change your username/URL you would need to update any links etc. that you have posted anywhere ASAP because anyone visiting the old address will be directed to a broken page and will not be able to find you. Also if you have your URL on any printed materials, business cards for example, you will need to get those replaced as the old link to your shop will no longer work.**

If you would like us to change your username/URL, please contact us through the Helpdesk or email us at to let us know your current username and what username you would like to use instead, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Bear in mind this is a manual change by Folksy admin at the moment! If there is a huge demand for it, we may consider developing a way for you to change your username yourself in your shop dashboard.


This is also likely to affect your search engine rankings (though we can’t be sure to what extent), particularly if you have had your shop for a long time, so please decide if it is worth the risk before you ask us to do this!

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I like that. I will be printing new business cards soon…can you please advise how long it will take you to make the change?

It’s a very quick change once we get to your ticket in the queue so, unless we’re exceptionally busy, it’ll be within our usual Support response time (within 24 hours on weekdays, usually much less!)


This is great, I’m not considering it at the moment but good to know it’s possible should I decide to go into selling other crafts as well as cards

please change cookie777 to grandpa’spens
regards barry

I am starting to expand out of leather into other things so its useful to know for the future depending on how things go.

hi sorry me again lol … can i change my username to paper patch please x
thanx helen xx

I can’t tell you how happy this has made me! Thanks Folksy - this has inspired me to start the long-awaited shop makeover that I have been putting off for ages!

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Would it be possible to change the URL for my shop from to I’m getting some business cards printed in the next week so I would be really grateful if you could let me know how long it is likely to take to make this change.

Regards Rachel

can you change my username to SJD Creations please
many thanks

I would like to change my username from wendymorris1 to SunshineCottage and my URL from to
I understand that this still has to be carried out manually? I originally joined Folksy through Facebook and therefore was assigned a username automatically.
Many thanks for your help
Wendy (Have emailed also)

Has anyone done this and found that they have dropped down the ranking on google search?

I really want to change my user name to Dottery Pottery as at the moment, it is still The Dottery Potter but this URL is the top hit when I type in Dottery Pottery into a search engine - I don’t want to mess that up.

If I leave it as The Dottery Potter though - people can’t find me on here under Shops!


Do I have to change both username and url ? Or can I just change username ?

Hi Adrian, your username forms part of your shop URL (web address). So for example, if your username was FantasticThings, your shop address would be So it’s worth choosing a username that is similar to the shop name that you intend to use.

Thanks. I changed them both.
Folksy does not hang around and did it in about an hour.


Hi Folksy, please can you change my username
from mdmltd to abingdonprint
so my url will be changed from

Thank you.

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Hi Lisa,
you’d be better off emailing your request to and then they will deal with it on Monday. They don’t come to the forum frequently so it might get missed here and an email will get a proper support ticket.

Thank you, I have emailed support.


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