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(Karen Nelson) #1

Does anyone make & sell for charity? Due to low or let’s be honest zero sales recently, I am slowly losing the incentive to continue crafting. There is only so much stuff I can save. However I do well at craft fairs so thought of doing something for charity.
Does anyone have any ideas?

(katieleather) #2

What sort of things were you thinking of? I used o work for the Alzheimer’s Society and I know twiddle blankets were good for people with dementia.

Don’t get down hearted! I wish I did as well at craft fairs, I am the opposite, tend to do better on Facebook. Xx

(Karen Nelson) #3

I love making dolls , animals, really anything that I can make to benefit a charity. In all the years I have been creating I haven’t had any sales via Facebook.

(Oh Button Me) #4

I made dog tug toys out of old t-shirts for two dog rescue charity’s at Christmas a couple of years ago.
The next year I made them but only had limited time so only made enough for one charity but they declined them and said they had enough toys. Don’t think I’ll bother this Christmas​:blush::confused:

Good luck tho

(James Alden) #5

I am not Mr Charity 2016 but if you want to do something like that I think some of your most excellent items would be good for a childrens hospital.
Myself in your position I would concentrate on the charity called oohthatsnice.

(Grimm Exhibition) #6

Years ago I sold sets of 5 greeting cards, I even sold 3 sets to Emma Freud(Mrs Red Nose Day). Sadly my cards stopped selling so I don’t list them anymore. I sold one of my soldered items recently and donated that money to cancer research.

(Rachel) #7

There are an awful lot of charity auctions - lots of handmade items included and run via facebook, an example is the springer spaniel rescue one I am involved with
How lovely of you to want to do something for charity

@katieleather - I have lots of buckles that might be useful for your twiddle blankets, would you like some sending (free of course). Just let me know if they are of any use to you.


(Karen Nelson) #8

Thanks for your comments. I think I will contact one of the cancer charities to see if I can either sell for them at craft features or just donate from my own sales.

(Annmarie Ison) #9

I sell some charity lino prints where I give 50% to PTES although I’m not sure people are more likely to buy because you donate some of the proceeds to charity. I don’t see a correlation between my sales and charity, I sell equally across the board. What I will say though is it does take a while to build an online presence so don’t get too disheartened. Don’t give up :grin:

(Karen Nelson) #10

Thanks Anne I think I have found a charity to help, but still awaiting a reply. With regards to online presence, it’s the bit I hate most. I have been running my shop for more than 5+ years and despite following info and posting frequently, I have now come to the conclusion it’s all in the look of the draw.

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(Annmarie Ison) #11

Look forward to seeing what charity you have chosen. Totally agree with the online presence…keep smiling :grin:

(Karen Nelson) #12

Well unfortunately I am still waiting for a reply from said charity, now sent 3 messages. Charity is called Cherished gowns and they make gowns for babies that have died, from old wedding dresses I was even donating a wedding dress.