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Charity promotion

(Kate Rattray) #1

I’m with those who don’t want to do Black Friday, so how about this for an idea @folksycontent ?
Between folksy admin and sellers we work out a small proportion of sales go to a charity for a week? Say a penny in every £ or something like that? It could go to children in need or another worthwhile charity. It would be good publicity too for us all. The whole thing would have to be set up by Folksy admin I don’t know how easy or difficult that would be. It would be good if it could run soon after the Black Friday promotion (or dare I say it) instead of it! What do you say @folksycontent / @Folksyadmin ?

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(Sarah Lambert) #2

A charity pot is a good idea- it could be like the waitrose thingy where you choose between 3- then every 6 months or year it could be divided out.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #3

So long as it’s not compulsory - no-one will ever agree on what charity to support (we all have favourites) and I know I, as many others do, regularly donate to many charities already :slight_smile:

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #4

It is a good idea but I do agree that people will find it hard to choose a charity.
If it’s done may choose a different charity every time it’s done.

(Samantha Stanley) #5

Hi all,

I really like this idea. For a long time I have wanted to give some support to a local charity but haven’t had a clue how to set this up. If there was some way of doing it properly I would be very interested. The way I’d want to do it would be to have a fixed sum from a particular item donated to a cause.

Love Sam x

(Liz Clark) #6

If you were to use the charity as a way of promoting the event, then you have the potential to get into all sorts of legal/brand use issues. I only know this from when I first set up in business and was fundraising for a well know national cancer charity and telling people that’s where my profits were going to. Using a charity’s brand in this way counts as “commercial participation” under the Charities Act, and the charity I wanted to support said it would mean unless I was raising £50k per year for them, they wouldn’t consider it due to the cost of setting up a contract with me with their legal bods.

I now just donate a percentage of my sales as and when, on a discretionary basis.

Of course each charity would be different, but the more well known national ones would want an agreement in place to protect their brand if their name was to be used in any advertising of the event, where only a percentage would be donated.

(Kate Rattray) #7

Thanks for pointing this out. It’s a shame, would that be the same protocol do you think if it was just a donation to Charity for only a few days?

(Liz Clark) #9

It would be different from charity to charity. Large national charities are protective of their brands and how they’re used, so if you want to use them to promote your business in any way, you need to ask permission. If you are doing a fundraiser where all the money goes to them, then it’s different again. Best thing is to contact them direct.