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What should I do?

(Karen McPherson) #1


I have a dilemma. My shop is only getting on average 7 views a day. I’m trying to raise money for charity but it’s costing me a fortune.

Should I give it up?

Karen xx

(Sarah Eves) #2

Hi, Karen!

I wouldn’t pay much attention to the view counter as it’s rarely accurate.
Only you can answer that question, as people open a Folksy shop for many different reasons.
However, you do have to actively promote your shop outside of Folksy toget any sales.

Sarah x

(Edwina Kinch) #3

Hi Karen
Do you use Pinterest? Or Craftjuice? Do you post regulary on facebook?
These are some of the places you need to promote your items in order to increase your views.
Views are low generally at the moment, I think. Spring, summer is always slow for sales. Don’t forget too you are competing against a huge number of jewellery makers on folksy.
Don’t give up yet. It is early days. Do you blog? Use the fact that 50% of sales go to charity. Inform people about the charity etc.
Have you thought of joining the daily or weekly listing threads? They help each other by promoting too.
I hope this helps.

(Karen McPherson) #4

I promote daily on Twitter, facebook, pinterest and stumble upon. Also post every day on all the forums.

I’ll stick with it till my fees are paid then I’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for replying ladies

Karen xx

(Nifty) #5

Firstly - I’m really pleased that you say in “buying from me” that you will post photos of your donation proof on facebook. There are so many scammers out there, it’s important to prove you really are donating to charity. I think you could make this even clearer though, adding the detail and link to each description.

Having said that, people come here to choose something to buy and charitable donation will probably only tip the balance if they’ve already decided your bracelet (or whatever) is the nicest one they’ve come across, so it’s important that your photos are great and that your descriptions are clear and detailed. I have just looked at your “blue crystal jewellery set”. You have given no measurements (you’ll need centimetres and inches for the americans) and don’t say what the earring wires are, silver or steel or what?

your title needs to be what a buyer might search - will they search for blue crystal jewellery set, do you think? or maybe necklace and earrings?

Hope that helps to start you off with some improvements - photos first, I’d suggest.

(Yvette ) #6

Hi Karen just liked and shared you on my FB page and Twitter :smile:

(Debbie Lawrence) #7

On your facebook page it would be nice to see something other than your lovely jewelry. Posts about what is happening at the charity you are supporting would be great. Also some pictures of you making stuff or work in progress. I am new to Folksy too but have read through lots of the FAQs and articles. I can’t remember where but I remember a theme about social media tips and there is a good time to post to maximise your views. I think it was 8am to 10am and then early evening - I think 5pm to 7pm. I have tried varying the times I post. I get lots more views on facebook if I post about 6- 6.30pm. I can see some improvement on clicks through to my folksy page. By the way I would love 7 views on my Folksy page a day.