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Choosing names for your products

(Louise Miller) #1

Hi folks
I’ve been on Folksy for a while, but sales and views have been slow. I know that much of this is because I don’t always have the time to actively promote myself as much as I need to (like many of us, I’m also working full-time), but wonder how much the product name influences whether or not people find our stuff. I’d be interested to hear other people’s thoughts!
My stressful day job is calming down a little now (famous last words), so I’m hoping to be more proactive with social media over the summer and to re-stock my shop with some new items soon, so I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Thanks so much,

(Jo Sara) #2

I really only name my things so I know which item a customer is talking about when they ask something about it. The rest of my title is pretty keyword specific (not so much on here because at the time when I listed a lot of my made to order stuff the shorter the title the better, and now if I change it I’ll lose the repeat URL benefits). But if you are listing new things the new search is pretty good at picking up relevant items so you’d really need to make sure you’ve got the most relevant search words, the product name is more about your own style and your shop’s ‘ambience’ if you get what I mean. ‘Moonlight Ripple’ isn’t going to find me many bird bath customers. But as a product name once the customer is in the shop via me using bird bath in the title as well it gives a feel of what the design is about.


(Louise Miller) #4

Wow, that’s a very organised way of doing things! Thanks so much for your reply. I agree that it’s easy to get in a muddle, particularly in this heat!

(Louise Miller) #5

Thanks for this, @josara. I think I need to give a bit more thought to search terms and work out if I should make any changes. It’s encouraging to hear that the new search facility is effective. I need to start shouting a little louder about what I’m doing, and hopefully that will make a difference!

(Sarah Eves) #6

I name all my owls, but that’s more for me really :smile:

I have the hippie directory of children’s names on my favourites bar, alongside a Victorian names page, and choose a name to suit the fabric…

Sarah x

(Sally Lucas) #7

I started naming different styles of bags but I don’t get much time to make bags now! Also, I agree with JoSara above in that the first few words are key for search so I just try and describe the item and perhaps add the colour.