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Christmas cards offer plus a quick question

I’ve listed this today and will post it on the Christmas thread later today. But just wondered whether I should also offer 8 of the same design i.e. 8 snowmen, 8 Christmas trees etc as well as this offer, which is 2 each of my four designs.

And also, should I do an offer of 4 (one of each design) for a fiver??

Just wanted to gauge whether you tend to send people the same design card or would you prefer to send different cards. Presume no one looks at someone else’s card in the same family and says - Oh I got that one too! Or do they?!!

I like your cards Heidi, I sell and buy packs of cards and find that the packs sell best for me. I always make a new Christmas card each year for friends and family, and everyone gets the same. Even if I buy my cards, I do the same. I think it’s nice when people say "wasn’t ….’. card lovely this year ". Most keep them and collect them too. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @GloriaDeanCollections - that’s good to know! Selling cards in packs is new to me so it’s good to hear there are people who buy in larger quantities. Hopefully the price is okay so fingers crossed I can get someone to stock up!! :slight_smile:

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