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Applications are now OPEN for our Weekend of the Maker craft fair!

Wheeeee! Applications for the Folksy X Crafty Fox Market Weekend of the Maker craft fair are NOW OPEN!
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You can apply for a stall here

And read more about the event here - It’s very exciting!!


This sounds very exciting and I was surprised to see that the fees are within my budget! The venue sounds lovely too. Even if I don’t take part, I will definitely be coming as a customer!

do you have to have a stall to attend the workshops/evening meet up ? also are there details of the workshops?

Wah! Would love to come but too far for me. Just wanted to say though it’s a fab price for a stall!! I do hope it’s extremely successful and looking forward to hearing all about it and all the photos too!

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I was quite excited when I saw the prices as thought it would be a great fair to be at but…the table size seems very small - long / biggest table
125cm x 75cm ?. @folksycontent Are those dimensions correct ? I could barely fit my display stand onto that.
My own table is 180cm and I usually have an extra table added on as well.

Wow, I quite agree, @JOYSofGLASS amazingly small, get one person standing chatting and your whole stall would be blocked, and no parking on site either, I too had been quite excited, but I think I’ll give it a miss :neutral_face:

I can’t see anywhere on the form either about what size you want to apply for, I thought that might shed some light on it. It’s not clear how much different sizes are, or am I missing it?

> Tables are provided (unless you tell us that you do not require one). Large tables measure approximately 120cm x 76cm and small tables measure 75cm x 75cm.

Bit far for me and clashes with my open studio where all my regulars come out on the pretence of doing their christmas shopping whilst secretly commissioning things for themselves instead. (there is also no way I could shrink to fit onto those table sizes!) Good luck to all who take part.

The price says £30-£48, so I suppose then it’s £30 for the small and £48 for the large. It’s just the way it was written, I thought there were more choices. There doesn’t seem much point if the tables are that titchy, although I would still go along to visit.

We’ll release details of the workshops soon, Sally. You don’t have to be a stallholder to come to the workshops - they will mostly be pre-booked sessions but there will be a few drop-in things too.

Sorry to hear you think the stalls are too small @JOYSofGLASS and @SueTrevor. The dimensions are correct. Large tables measure approximately 120cm x 76cm and small tables measure 75cm x 75cm. Crafty Fox Market often uses small tables at their London markets. I’ve always been surprised how much people manage to fit on, and I also like the feel it gives to the markets as it means there are lots of makers and lots to see. The other factor is that larger tables would have meant we needed to charge more for the stalls and we wanted to make sure it was as affordable as possible.

This page has more info about the venue @plumporridge

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Thanks Camilla but no way I could fit my stuff on that size, except in a jumble sale type heap which would not be good for my glass, so a non starter for me. Depends what’s being sold I suppose.

One solution that I’ve used before when faced with small tables is to build up, Joy, and use shelves on the table or a vertical wall type thing mounted on the table. Would that be a possibility?

Camilla I already build up, as much as one can build up stained glass suncatchers anyway.
I have a display stand - acts like a window. I also have a stand for my fused glass. There is no way I could fit any reasonable display on such a small table. My glass is, relative to some crafts, low priced. In order to cover the table fee I need to sell quite a lot. I can’t sell what I can’t display if you see what I mean. A 6 foot table is the standard (minimum) which most fairs seem to work to and I’m sure most crafters arrange their displays round that.

This was me outside Lichfield Cathedral last Christmas. With my 6ft table and my 4 footer in front which I use mainly for my fused glass jewellery. Even this space / layout doesn’t allow me to display many of my bigger suncatchers at once and I have to switch them round, refill as I sell.

I would be concerned about the space available to wrap goods and serve the customer properly. In the past when space has been tight, I have found myself scrabbling round on the floor to wrap and bag purchases and it’s not a good look!

I can see that small, high ticket items may do very well, so it’s not one for me. It’s in my diary to visit though, I’ll be looking out for all the Folksy sellers.

Joy @JOYSofGLASS, I love your photos, your stall looks very inviting.

I’m sure it will be an outstanding success for those that apply and those looking round too, I think less is more in a lot of cases, I was also quite excited to be able even to have the chance to sell with other folksy sellers and meet the them in person, I don’t think a small space will suit me, or building up, but I may change my mind before the deadline. I presume it’s £30 per day for the 75cm x 75cm?

Sue @SueTrevor, I’d love to see your beautiful textiles for real!

Awww, thank you @plumporridge as I say I’m still undecided, then I have to get through the hoops of being chosen too! :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

Me too :slight_smile:

Since the bits I’m working on are in the pickle for now I thought I would have a go at seeing how much stock I could fit onto 75 x 75cm (the table is 75cm deep and the masking tape marks the other boundry) and here it is

more than I was expecting but it is getting a bit cramped on there and as plumporridge has said there is no space for wrapping/ mirror/ business cards etc. Also I’ve still got this lot left…

hmmmm there are several popular product lines in those boxes.
So @plumporridge @JOYSofGLASS and @SueTrevor I think if you have multiples of a few items (so you can have one example out and several more of the same squirrelled away to get out when you sell the first) you would be fine. If however you have lots of unique or large items you might struggle with space.
Right I should have enough time to pack up before my earrings are done…

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