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Christmas Marketing

Hello! I’ve just posted this in the Folksy Clubhouse but thought it would be useful to post here too, to let you all know what we’re doing in terms of Christmas marketing - because as @HelenCliffordArt rightly pointed out, you won’t know unless we tell you!

So here you go:

• We’re running two paid social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram (if you see them please do give them a like and leave a positive comment about Folksy!)
• Running Google Shopping adverts (PLAs) for every shop on Folksy
• Commissioned a Christmas advert (you can watch this on our homepage if you haven’t already seen it) - please do share it if you haven’t already!
• Leanne is doing a final Folksy Friday Film at the end of November featuring Folksy sellers
• Contacting press every week with ideas for their Christmas gift guides
• Running a sponsored post on Mollie Makes with accompanying targeted social campaign
• Organising the 12 Days of Folksy social campaign which runs from 1-12 December
• Constantly creating more organic content aimed at Christmas shoppers on our blog and social channels
• Releasing new niche gift guides every day in November
• Sending out weekly newsletters to over 50k subscribers

Because we try to keep our fees as low as possible, we don’t have a big budget for advertising, but we do have really good content, strong SEO (which comes from being an established site with lots of links in and so trusted by Google), as well as a huge reach on Pinterest, which means we’re not as reliant on paid content as some other sites in order to get it seen.

However, anything that you all can do to help get Folksy seen makes a HUGE difference. So please do get involved - even if that’s just liking, sharing or commenting on our social media posts when you see them, talking about Folksy, or even better, creating Folksy Friday posts and linking to your own shops and other Folksy sellers on your social media channels, website and in blog posts, every share or mention helps!!


That’s fantastic, thank you! I do see increased number of views from Google lately.

Any chance you could continue something like that throughout the year?

Thank you Folksy :blush:x

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Wow that all seems good, thank you :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::snowman_with_snow:

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Thanks Folksy, I shall be sharing and joining :slight_smile:

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Sounds fab Folksy, really appreciate all the hard work you guys do for us xx

Thanks for doing this Folksy

Brilliant, thanks

Thank you!

Thank you for doing this, it’s much appreciated :smiley:

Excellent :blush:

SUPER! Thanks Folksy

Folksy you’re fabulous, thank you for your encouraging ideas and support

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brilliant thank you x