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New to Folksy! Christmas is coming need some advice!

Hello fellow Folksy sellers!

I’m new here, first wanted to say hello! The platform looks promising. However I have been adding new products every day and I feel I am not being seen. How do I change this?
How can I make a sale?

I would be truely greatful for any tips and advice!

Hope you’re all getting ready for Christmas!

Love Miss Moss

Do you promote you Folksy shop on social media? Folksy don’t do much general advertising of their own so it’s up to us to bring our own shops (and Folksy itself) to the attention of as many people as we can. I have links back to my shop on my Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter accounts and my Folksy shop web address on the business cards I hand out at craft fairs.

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There are threads on the forum where you can suggest items to go in the folksy curated ‘gift guides’ and normally I would suggest adding your items to some of those but I can’t find a thread for either the ‘handmade wedding’ or ‘hand made fascinators’… so wouldn’t normally do it this way but Camilla @folksycontent how about adding some of MissMoss’s items to the guides I’ve suggested?
I would also suggest tweaking your tags - I think the advice is now to go for slightly longer string tags like ‘retro fascinator’ rather than ‘retro’ and ‘fascinator’, there is a blog article or 2 on it here
Finally as Dee has said social media promotion and then a bit more social media promotion.

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Thank you very much for your tips and ideas. I didn’t know the way to tag items has changed, so that was very good to know!

I have been reading the links too for more tips.

Thanks for your help ladies!

Hi Gemma! I’ve added some of your products to the gift guides as @SashaGarrett Sasha suggested.
You can see your Shop Activity here

There are lots of post in the Seller Tips section of our blog on how to get seen and reach more people.

This post might be useful

And I’d recommend this one too