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Christmas sales?

(Tracey Long) #1

Has someone cancelled Christmas on Folksy and not told me? Where are the buyers? I know Folksy is slow in comparison to Etsy, but my sales were much stronger this time last year! How are sales for you?

(Qteacup) #2

It’s slow, it was last year for me, I haven’t done as well last year or this year as in 2013. Let’s hope it being December concentrates minds to buying for Christmas.

(Sasha Garrett) #3

Last year Christmas didn’t start here for me until the first week of December, this year it has started a week or so earlier. The christmas markets I’ve done so far indicate that people aren’t really thinking about present buying yet as they were still buying mainly for themselves. Hopefully it now being December will concentrate their minds.

(Roz) #4

Looking at my Folksy bills they are pretty much on a par with last year so sales must be about the same although I have to say it does seem slower.

(Natalie Franca) #5

Definitely slower for me this Autumn unfortunately. My knitwear is mostly seasonal and October, Nov and Dec are usually my crazy busy months. Unfortunately not this year though :frowning: it’s been so quiet for me. Although I’m getting a lot of knitters favouring a lot of my items which is a little disconcerting, especially those who have opened shops but have nothing in them yet…

Really really hoping for a December rush, I’ve been working my fingers to the bone these past few months stocking up.

Knitting needles crossed!
Natalie x

(Christine E.) #6

I’m currently doing better on Folksy than last year, but my Etsy shop seems to have died about a year ago. Consequently I don’t bother with it much, which probably ensures that it won’t get better any time soon!.. It’s funny how different people have different experiences of the two sites.

(Claire Woodhead) #7

I’ve had a really good November, just sold my 100th item so really happy. Just hope it lasts. I think it’s really hit and miss. Hopefully December will be better for you as your shop is lovely. Not much action on the other site. Claire x

(Jennie Mead) #8

I’m finding it’s rather slow on Folksy too. Though speaking to friends & colleagues lately it seems that hardly anyone has wanted to start thinking about Christmas until December ( I think this was in rebellion to high street shops advertising since September)- so hopefully that means more sales for us all soon! Well done Claire @HookandLoop for reaching 100 sales :slight_smile:

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #9

I have a £40+ bill to pay Folksy in commission fees for November, so I think I can say sales are going well :smile:

December is always a bit slower for me than October and November - I think my customers must be well organised and shop early lol.

(Natalie Franca) #10

You’re shop is lovely Claire, congratulations on your 100th sale!

Natalie x

(Claire Woodhead) #11

Thank you. I think yours is lovely too Natalie :grin:

(Amberlilly) #12

I seem to be doing better here than the other side. I need to sell off my Christmas things and old stock.
Any special way to do a sale?? Don’t want things to hang around now, want them sold.

(Fiona Thomson) #13

haha, i’m the same @DandelionsGallery - i always know i’ve had a good month when i groan at the bill!

(Samantha Stanley) #14

I’m doing much better this year-and have been all year. Long may it continue!

I put it down to promoting my shop more, but more importantly, Listing Regularly!

If there are any newbies out there who want to know, listing is the path to success. List little and often to ensure you always have an item in the first few of any given category.

Sam x

(Natalie Morris) #15

Am starting to feel there is no rhyme or reason to sales! I had an absolutely manic November and made it past the 300 sales threshold, and then all of a sudden it just dried up without any warning… I’ve been on Folksy pretty much since it started and there’s absolutely no pattern to it!!!

(Leslie Morton) #16

Hey Nat

I am glad to hear you have been doing so well. I am in Canada at the moment and the only place I am making any sales is Etsy. I’ll ring you when I get back. XX

(Kate Harvey) #17

I have had a few sales which took me over 500 (woohoo!) but the rush is not really there, my other shop is slower than last year so I’m hoping this weekend will be stronger…
Well done Natalie!! @Mungbean

Its small business Saturday today - perfect for us!

Kate X

(Amberlilly) #18

No rush for me, though I’m doing better here that Etsy!!! Too much to deal with over there, I spend my life doing tags and titles for no reward! Time to get a life I think! Lol!!!

(Jan Ryan) #19

Both here and the other side have been a bit on the slow side this year, I’ve had a little success by joining in a couple of ‘virtual markets’ on fb, nothing big, just a trickle. I’ve had more via repeat customers or recommendations, mainly personalised plaques, fairy doors or tree angel peg dolls. It’s still early in the month so there’s still a bit of time. Good luck everyone :slight_smile: