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How are everyone's sales this month?

Who is doing well on here or anywhere else really. I’m not doing too badly. I have had 3 sales this month on Folksy, when compared to last December, well I had zero!! :joy::joy::joy:
So much better.


I have to admit my Folksy shops aren’t doing so well this year and I have to consider weather it’s worth my while keeping them open as they are costing more than I’m taking from them :frowning: I really don’t want to as I love being here :cry:
Donna x

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Aww, maybe try a different approach. Don’t quite know what? There is a thread just started about a marketing book.

I’ve had 2 sales this December which is one more than last December.

I’m hoping things are looking up here!

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Hi all! I have had one sale (2 items) in December. Still waiting for the Christmas rush!

I don’t think it’s about marketing to be honest.
Over the Black Friday weekend on Folksy I had 11 views and no sales on both shops,
On the auction site and dark side I had 1,000’s of views and 259 sales and on t*ctail I had quite a few views and a couple of sales. The only shops I’ve promoted over Christmas are my folksy ones so I’m at a loss to be honest.
As I’ve said I love selling here, the community is great and I love the handmade only idea.
I don’t mean to sound negative, I’m just venting :expressionless:


Wow. How many sales! Well done.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Wonder if Folksy can answer this query?

Hi Donna,

Can I just ask, when you say the dark side, do you mean the other selling portal that begins with E, ends in Y and is has 4 letters??

I’m wondering cos I’ve been considering for a while (and pestered by my eldest) to open a shop on the E one, is it fairly simple to set up and list items?

Well done for the sales tho, albeit elsewhere x

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Hi Annie,
Yup, that’s the one :slight_smile: I shouldn’t say too much on here as it’s considered promoting the other side. But it’s no harder to use than any of the other selling portals.
Donna x

hi - did you sell 259 in december alone combined on the other 2 sites?

Yes it is. To be honest, I am letting my listing expire there. I have more on here this year than over there. I know there is a huge amount of luck in selling on E, but I am at the end the of my patience with tags, titles and SEO to last me a lifetime, and where has it got me…nowhere! They keep changing the rules and so much mass produced its unreal. And they seem to let it happen. Still I have another site I am starting to fill my shop with. :joy::joy::joy:

By this point in December last year I’d sold 3 things, so far this December only 2 sales on here but for more expensive items, still time for a few more sales on here and views are definately up. Fairs have been going well and I’m busy with commissions and all the regulars who come to me direct rather than online so I’m happy. 2 more fairs (indoor) to go and they have previously been very good so fingers crossed.

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Is Folksy your only site @SashaGarrett I know you can’t say where else.

I did even think of closing the other one and re-opening under a different name. To see if I got any decent traffic as it will be a new store.

It was 259 over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend over the two sites. I’m still catching up now. I do have to say I have been selling on the 2 sites about 3 years longer than on here though.

That’s amazing!!!

It’s taken me loads of hard work and this year will be the first I’ve made any real profit and I’ve finally paid off my embroidery machine :slight_smile: so now I’m looking for a new one as my poor little machine is struggling to cope :smile:

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