Folksy Ltd

Closing shop today

Hi I am closing my shop today due to an overload at work and my mum cant look after it as we are moving houses to Whales so if anyone would like to buy anything let me know. It will stay open till tomorrow afternoon.
Thanks Faye.

That’s a shame…could you not just put it in to holiday mode until your sorted out…then give it another go…?


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I know its a silly question but would any one buy if its on holiday mode? :blush:

No. They can see your items but they cannot buy anything,


I saw your post before you withdrew it and just wanted to say that you could put in your buyers section that you only post once a week due to work commitments. Then, on your listings you can change the ‘item will be despatched within’ time to 7 days rather than the default 3 days.

Yes I am just doing that now. Often though I am not in the uk for two weeks. I am leaving in a few minutes again for work it would make more sense its super they have a default time! :smile: off to Japan :smile:

It’s worth a try to see if you can work around it…

Enjoy Japan!!


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I think so to I did not really want to close the shop. Its very sweet here. Thank you :smile: And thank you so much for the support.xx