Folksy Ltd

Closing shop

i have decided to close my shop as I have only had two sales this whole year and these were in May and June! It won’t let me do this as i owe money from the two sales! I have now deleted all the items in my shop but how can I pay the outstanding bill and close it?

Why not contact support and tell them you want to pay your bill and close down, they’ll advise you how to go about it.

In my experience the first year is more difficult to sell. I haven’t sold any items since I started a few weeks back but I will give my self time to get establish and my product out there, this time of the year can be slow after the December holidays, I’m sorry to hear you closing up, I do understand, I wish you all the best


Sorry you’ve not had more luck here and are closing your shop. (I only made 4 sales to people other than my friends in my first year, second year is going better) I had to contact support about my bill once and was told it was an automated system and they couldn’t trigger it to send me my bill early, they are still your best bet for getting it sorted.