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Coasters and numbers

(Eileens Craft Studio) #1

I tend to make my coaster and/or placemats in multiples of 6 when making them for my home however I notice in B & M shops they tend to be in sets of 4.

I’m planning on adding more to my shop and wonder if I should make sets of 4, 6 or even 8

What size sets do most people buy/ prefer

(Rachel) #2

I tend to buy one’s as small gifts for people, particularly in the office where 4 would be too many. One’s tend to be within the secret santa or “cheer up” budget of a fiver too.

(Sasha Garrett) #3

Could you do sets of 2 and 4? Then if some one needed 6 they could simply buy a set of 2 and a set of 4.

(Karen Ellam) #4

I always tend to buy a pack of 6. When I have guests over for drinks/lunch there’s enough to go around then.
It makes me cringe when a glass is put down directly on my wooden surfaces so more coasters the better :grin:


(Kim Blythe) #5

I have done sets of 2 and 4. If people want 6 they can buy one of each…


(Amberlilly) #6

I find it annoying they come on 4s! When we have guests, I end up mix and matching!

(Beadseedz) #7

Yes I usually buy sets of 6. Although I seldom need more than 4 at a time it means I have enough on the odd occasion I do need extra. It also gives me spares if one gets lost or damaged.

(Margaret Jackson) #8

I buy them in ones! I like to have a variety scattered about and we very, very rarely have visitors so it doesn’t matter that they don’t match.

(Yvette ) #9

I have just added knitted coasters to my collection, and will make them in one’s and if people want more, I am happy to knit more.
I was mainly making them to see if people were interested in egg cosy and coaster as a gift set.

(Jan Ryan) #10

I usually buy sets of 2 or 4. I have bought individual ones to add to a gift set. :slight_smile: