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Question about quantities

Hi Everyone
I’m new to all this so was wondering about quantities to add on each listing. I make cards, individually, and other papercrafts, which I can make to order (although I do have each ready) and at present have most items listed as a single. Do you think people are put off by there being only one? I appreciate with most crafts there is only one and that’s brilliant! I know in a b&m shop sometimes people are loathed to ‘take the last one’ even though you’re trying to sell it! Just thought I’d ask those who’ve been here much longer with more experience.

Hi…I’m not sure on cards to be honest however personally having one of each design wouldn’t put me off buying at all…I like unique items and I think most people do so I can’t see why it would be a problem.:slight_smile:

Thank you @Bearlescent :slightly_smiling_face:

You’ve got the plus account so it doesn’t cost you anything extra to list the multiples (if you were paying per listing I would not advice listing multiples as you pay for all of them in one go and they might not sell within the life time of the listing). I don’t normally look at the quantity, some handmade items I know will be one offs but others I anticipate could be made in multiple so I’m not bothered either way by the quantity.
If you are listing multiples of something make sure you have enough materials in stock so that you could make that many of the item should someone order all of them and if you use the same paper/ card in several items remember to adjust the quantity of anything else using the same paper if you sell something (eg I might have 10 gemstones that are all the same from which I could make 5 pairs of earrings or 10 stacking rings so if I sell a pair of earrings I need to adjust the quantity of the rings to take into account the fact I now only have 8 of the gems)

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Thank you so much @SashaGarrett for replying. I’ve got a lot to learn and you’re all so knowledgable and kind. Thanks again.