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Combined postage solution

As I’ve some experience of shipping I know pretty much how much each item will cost to post. When I set up my shop I entered the (variable) postage cost for each item and read that only the highest cost would be charged. I don’t, at the moment charge extra for each individual item - which I thought meant the the highest price would be the cost for the whole order if a customer ordered multiple items in an order.

Today I’ve received an order and the individual postage cost for each item has been charged - meaning the cost for postage is far, far too high. Obviously, once I’ve posted the parcel I’ll refund the difference, but I’d like to stop this happening in the future as PayPal do charge a transaction fee for refunds. Was this just a glitch or will is happen again?

Has anyone any suggestions ?? I wondered if it happened because I left the Additional Items column of the postage pricing tool blank and if I added £0.00 it would help ?? Or maybe just adding a couple of pence, so the increase in postage would be negligible for additional items?

Any advice would be welcome thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, I think you will need to put 0 in additional items. By not putting anything it will add the full cost of each, or so I interpret it. I usually put a small amount like 50p in the additional column to cover items going over the standard price for mine.

I think you do need to put something in the additional items column (even if it is £0.00) I add 50p just in case to cover the combined weight/depth putting the parcel into the next price bracket (my orders go large letter or small parcel so the difference in size between price levels can be quite close)

I think you need to put either 0.00 or a small additional amount in the additional box I usually put
0.50 extra on smaller items as for a large letter the postage can go up in price due to the weight
If you charge a small additional price and you get a large order it will cover the price for recorded delivery

Thanks Annie @HeavenlyAnarchist, Diane @DeesDesigns and Valerie @jenniesgems - that’s really helpful. I think I’ll just add 10p as additional cost, so, as Valerie suggested, I can upgrade to insured postage if I get a big order. Only 52 listings to amend :wink:

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I don’t think Paypal charge for refunds. Never spotted it if they do. What you have to do though is adjust the amount of the refund to take into account the charge which Paypal gives you back. For example I needed to refund £3.40 the other day but the amount I had to enter was £3.52 otherwise Paypal would only have given the customer about £3.30 and given the other 10p to me.
Something like that anyway.

Thanks Joy @JOYSofGLASS I’ve only done it once and I think - it’s such a long time ago - I put it through as going to friends/family, which means there’s no charge. It worked, but it’s not a method I want to use long term as it’s rather deceitful :frowning:

You can bulk edit the postage on listings rather than having to do each one individually. Just click on the ‘bulk edit listings’ tab under ‘items’ on your dashboard.


Sasha @SashaGarrett you are an absolute star :dizzy: Thank you so much for this :smile:


I don’t send a payment. I click on the payment made to me and it gives the option to give a refund. I use that and set the refund amount so it refunds the exact amount I want to give the customer.
I do it often. Already one this week after being closed for a month as I sold 2 pieces at once and sent them out together in the same £3.35 ist class small package


Exactly what Joy said, if you want to refund all or part of the postage (or any other part of the charge) just do a partial refund on the paypal payment and paypal refund the transaction charges to you on the amount you have refunded to the customer.

Hi Joy @JOYSofGLASS and Helen @HelenSmith - I followed Joy’s advice and just increased the customer’s refund amount by the cost of the refunded fees to make sure the customer got back exactly what I intended them to get. I realise now what I thought was a charge for the refund was actually a refund of fees :confused:


None of this has ever been a problem for me…however, having read through all the comments above…isn’t it just WONDERFUL that on here you can ask questions and get all the help that you need…fabulous and such a lovely bunch of people who all help each other…
No need for anyone to be stuck with a problem , just ask and some kind person will know the answer…
now then…how do I make…ha ha …only joking…


Couldn’t agree more Brenda @teabreaks :smile: :+1:

This might be helpful too. It explains how additional postage works and has lots of other useful info about postage too.

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Thanks for this Camilla.