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Contraband Collage!

(Su Mwamba) #1

I just had 2 listings de-activated by Ey - why? Because my collages included used postage stamps from Cuba! From the email they sent me: "Ey’s policies prohibit the sale of items sanctioned by the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) at the US Department of the Treasury. OFAC prohibits any transactions involving items of Cuban origin." So amazingly, I’m not allowed to sell a collage which includes a single Cuban stamp (just one amongst hundreds)!

Well, that’s okay. I was just thinking earlier today that I ought to figure out logistically how to add some of my OOAK items here (previously I only had made to order here, with OOAK only on the dark side). Now, however, I’m happy to be able to offer 2 of my favourite collaged notebooks here on Folksy, where there are - I hope! - no restrictions on used stamps from any random country:

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #2

That’s rather silly, but there we are!
I suppose if you do want to sell them at E***y, you could stick a different stamp over the Cuban one…
I hope you find buyers for those lovely notebooks here at Folksy!

(Su Mwamba) #3

Thank you! Well, I’m quite happy to have an excuse to showcase a couple of the OOAK notebooks over here; it does just seem ridiculously silly that they could take such a stand over a single used postage stamp! Maybe I will dig through my plentiful supplies, and make a Folksy-only range - every notebook featuring a Cuban stamp! :wink:

(Claire Davis) #4

How bizarre! And quite amazing that they were able to spot it - I’ve just had a look at them and can’t tell which is the Cuban stamp! Somebody must have scrutinised them! Lovely notebooks by the way x

(Su Mwamba) #5

Thank you for the compliment! :slight_smile:

The dark side has no restriction (that I’ve yet discovered) on length of item description, whereas my descriptions here on Folksy are always slightly curtailed to fit the characters I’m allowed. My descriptions on E**y actually list the places all the stamps are from - rather than the more generic “stamps from around the world” - because you never know when mentioning that one special location might be the deciding factor in making a sale. On several occasions at craft fairs I’ve helped buyers to scour all the collages to find the ones with most representations from a particular country, always resulting in a sale, so it really is worth doing, if space allows. Except, apparently, in the case of Cuba…

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

Unfortuntanly being a UK shop on a USA site you fall foul of USA law and the USA have an embargo on items from Cuba. It’s not silly on E*tsy side just stupid USA policy which E has to abide by.

Though I wonder as you are a UK shop if you don’t sell to the USA would your shop have to comply? Not sure on the legalities of that one.

Still you can keep it for here.

Oh by the I’ve never noticed a cap on the length of our descriptions on Folksy or do you mean how much you can get into the title?

(Su Mwamba) #7

Nope, definitely in the actual descriptions. I have a tendency to the verbose, and almost always have to crop what I want to say to fit the space allowed. Try copying & pasting one of your descriptions so that it repeats twice or three times (depending on how short/long they are to begin with) and you’ll see what I mean. :slight_smile:

ETA just tried a quick test. When text runs too long, it turns red & this message pops up: “Description must be a maximum of 1495 letters.”

(Leslie Morton) #8


You are quite correct. The listings are capped and it can be quite annoying when you cannot include everything you wish in the listing. Most of my items are custom made and I need to make it very clear so I have some boilerplate text that is in each listing. Often it means I have to forgo placing other details in the listing to accommodate the limited characters. @Folksycontent, maybe you could take a look at that? Perhaps steal some of the “Inspiration” space?

(Su Mwamba) #9

Yes, I do often split up the description and ‘borrow’ from the inspiration space; I actually forgot to do that for the new notebooks, but will pop back and edit later. Thanks for the reminder! :slight_smile:

(Detola and Geek) #10

I’ve always loved your craft. first noticed your work on Etsy

But that’s a bit stiff by … A tiny used 2nd hand postage stamp applied to a book.

Tola x

(Detola and Geek) #11

Also, am trying to work out how to describe things properly on Folksy as it’s a total new ball game to me. Still waiting on my first sale. :frowning:

Trying to fit in all the necessary key words is a bit of a task!

Tola x

(Su Mwamba) #12

Aw, thank you Tola - that’s really nice of you! :slight_smile:

And good luck with your Folksy store. I find sales much slower here, but this is usually the best time of year while people plan for Christmas…

(Su Mwamba) #13

Today, I’ve listed the first noyebook in my new, Folksy-exclusive, ‘Cuban Collection’! :smile:

(Su Mwamba) #14

I’ve just blogged about the subject here:

(Su Mwamba) #15

2nd notebook in the Cuban Collection:

(Su Mwamba) #16

And 2 more new additions to the collection - spot the Cuban stamps! :wink: