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Made a Sale to the States!


Really happy, just made a sale to the States. Just happy they found Folksy.

Natasha x

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #2

Well done natasha. That’s brilliant

(Pauline Turner) #3

well done Natasha, been having a few discussions lately about the cost of posting abroad particularly the U.S. Do you mind me asking did you use a big company for delivery and were you happy with the pricing?

(Tina Martin) #4

Well done! It’s great that they find Folksy :slight_smile:


I have always used standard airmail. I have tracked as an option, but no one has ever opted for it. Never had any complaints with the standard airmail, or had anything go missing.

Natasha x

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(Karen Ellam) #6

Yay well done. :0)

It’s always exciting sending off a little package to a far away place.

The first time I had an overseas order I went all out and sent trackable which cost quite abit, and I ended up out of pocket.
The item cost was well under £20 so looking back I really didn’t need to panic and send trackable. (The parcel never even got tracked all the way to its destination)

I only send trackable now if over £20.

The only dilemma I find is if a customer buys multiple things and the sale goes above £20. (Trackable postage needed)
I find it hard to work out initially as at the moment additional items are 20p uk or 50p overseas extra. This sometimes doesn’t cover the postage for multiples.
I don’t want to hike additional charges as it could be off putting.
It’s one of those things we need crystal balls for :wink:

Multiple items ordered are very, very welcome even though I do have a mini panic when it happens incase my postage costs don’t cover it.


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(StripesAndMarble) #7

Congratulations! That’s great news and as others have said, it’s great that they found Folksy!!!

Emma x

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #8

Well done!

I sell regularly now to America and Australia via Folksy, and have had quite a few to Canada recently too - I direct them here from my FB page (I have listings for the same items on Etsy, but I don’t tell them that as I want the British site to get the commission lol!)

Postage can be a pain for multiple purchases, but I can refund if it’s charged more than needed, and if it’s a multiple order and I end up a couple of pounds out of pocket I don;t worry as the order is usually a worthwhile one price wise anyway :slight_smile:

(Louise Foot) #9

Yay! I’m not even set up for international here. I get a fair few to the states on the dark side & pricing my shipping is really difficult as their is so much weight variation. Was shocked this week to sell a small jar of body wash (£5.50) & she paid £10 shipping. i’m having kittens about it