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Copyright query Eddle St0bart

I’m just making a truck for a friend, at her request, a private sale.
It’s an Edlie St0bart. Not finished yet but I’m really pleased with it.
Question is, do you think the “Eddlie St0bart” oh so recognisabe truck design is under copyright.?

If not I can make another to sell on here, if it is then I obviously can’t which could be a shame.
The picture is what I sent my friend to show her work in progress :

It is derivative so you should be okay. There maybe some concern as the Logo, colourway and devices of Eddie Stobart may be protected.

However if you are unsure you should consult a professional before you make another for public sale.

found this

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My advice would be to contact Eddie Stobart before you list this item for sale. I’d be surprised if they would be ok with this, but you never know

Thanks yes I had found that but it seems to relate to the shop website and I couldn’t find anything about the actual truck design.

Can’t find anything else and I’m a a pretty good Googler. Not like it I key in “VW copyright” - gets me page full.

@Millyandpip I’m not listing the one I’ve made - that’s a private, friend, sale so not a problem.

I don’t have any other truck design and that’s a hole in my design range. Could be a pretty popular boy’s gift.
Maybe I’ll make one in different colours and give it paintwork of “SALT Transport” but also offer a personalised version, What little boy wouldn;t like to see his name on a big truck ?

I wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole personally. I do think that the personalised truck sounds great though!

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Thanks yes. I onl; thought of it while on here asking you all so thank you, think problem is solved.
Folksy forum is such a useful place to be :slight_smile:

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I also wouldn’t go near it. I once got a cease and desist letter from Rolls Royce for describing a luxury organic wool nappy cover as the Rolls Royce of nappy covers!

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It would be Trademark infringement if you don’t have permission from Eddie Stobbart to use their name to sell it.