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Copyright question

(Bexbydesign) #1

Hi, I know copyright has been covered on here a thousand times so apologies but still need some advice please. I’ve just made these glasses as presents for friends of mine but wondered if there was any commercial potential. They don’t use designs from either Star Wars or Jaws but do use quotes from them, is this still breaching copyright?

Many thanks


(Louise Grace Jewellery) #3

I’m not sure about copyright but these are awesome, I’m pretty sure if it was allowed you would do really well with them, especially quotes from the TV series that are really popular right now.

(Le Petit Bijou Uk) #4


They are pretty awesome but I believe that you would not be able to sell these legally. The best thing to do is to contact the mark owners directly, They may give you permission or offer to sell you rights. Hope this helps.

(Minerva) #5

Because these quotes are from a movie, I would check to be on the safe side. Very pretty glasses!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

Simple answer is No you can’t it’s not just a copyright violation ie copyright is for the written word or drawn image but it’s also would be Trademark violation.

Disney are extremely strong on defending their Trademark and copyright. Infact they are doing a big sweep of the internet at the moment.

They can have you shut down, worse they can sue you. Do you have the monies to go up against such a giant?

Do you want to be known as someone who can’t come up with their own saying but have to ‘borrow’ from others.

Disney will not bother give out trade licenses to small companies they only deal with those who can prove they not only have a track record in sales and have the £1,000’s to buy their license agreements.

I understand they also ask for their royalities up front so if you could afford to pay for a licence you would have to say how much each item would be sold for, and how many you allowed to make they then take their royality percentage before you even go into production. If you fail to sell the items you will not get a refund on what you’ve already paid to Disney.

Best to make up your own sayings and market them.

I mention Disney as they now own George Lucas inc

(Grimm Exhibition) #7

Some light reading for you.

(Liz Clark) #8

I would say it would be covered under copyright but I’d recommend contacting the IPO and getting advice.

(Margaret Jackson) #9

You wouldn’t be able to sell someone else’s words, , Eileen is right.

(Bexbydesign) #10

Thank you for all your replies! I did think it probably would be a breach of copyright but wasn’t sure so thought it was worth asking.
Although my shop is empty at the moment I do sell my own designs. Anyway, the important thing was that I gave one of my friends his present this evening and he loved it! xxx

(Eileens Craft Studio) #11

At least you can make them for friends to enjoy as gifts :slight_smile: