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Category advice please!

Hi Lovely Folksters,
What do you do when you are listing a product you’ve made that doesn’t fall into any of the Folksy categories?!? Do you think it has any impact on sales or will anyone find it if it’s listed inappropriately?

You can’t find a category because there isn’t one for what you have there.

It’s not a craft supply or handmade so I don’t believe it’s Folksy acceptable to list it on here.

You need to check the Toc’s of folksy.

you may also want to re think your use of copyright images ie Clint Eastwood. That image belongs to the film company and unless you have a licence with them you can be shut down or worse still sued.
I would look up copyright and trademark laws.

The same thing with Dr Who items Dr who belongs to the BBC and you can’t make things from Dr Who and sell them with a licence agreement with the BBC.

Same with your jar of other peoples quotes you again using other people’s copyright. Why not come up with your own inspirational phrases rather than sell other peoples and open youeself up to being sued for infringing on someone else’s copyright.

sorry but your whole shop is full of Trademark and copyright infringement,. The Yoda belongs to Disney and Disney will come after you.

You can’t use the Hitch Hikers guide to the galaxy either to advertise your items that’s infringement as well.

As it’s pretty clear you didn’t take the Mary Poppins photo you can’t use that without a licence with the creators of the Mary Poppins film either.

You need to rethink your shop before you get into serious trouble with the copyright owners and Trademark owners of the things you have in your shop.

I think more people will use the search function rather than just browsing the categories so if you use your tags and write the description properly I don’t think it matters if the item is in a slightly incorrect category.

I know it doesn’t relate to your original query but as a follow on from Eileen’s comments I remembered a news article about a knitter who got into trouble witht he BBC for making and distributing her own pattern for some of their Dr Who characters
copyright is definately something you need to look into.

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And I know another such knitter - the BBC (and others) are very quick to act.

Hi, I also have problem with categories. I’m new here, so still not sure what I’m doing :grinning: I made leather men’s bracelet. There is no category like: men’s jewellery or leather bracelet. So I put it to Bracelets - everything else. But what about category Bracelets - all? If I made bracelet with suede and metal and glass it fix to this category or it’s still everything else? Sorry if for someone it’s stupid question but I’m little confused.

@BiBu if you have several similar items you could list them in different categories (eg bracelet - all, bracelet - everything else, bracelet - textile) and see which one gets the most views (or the best impression to view ratio) you can then move the other similar items into the same category.
(and the categories are confusing as items could easily fit in to multiple categories so I tend to concentrate on the tags and not worry too much about the category)

Ok. I will do that. Thx for advice.

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