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Corona virus lock down

I am confused. Are online shops selling non essential goods allowed to carry on?. In my case it is greeting cards. Noticed some shops are closing but not sure if that is for personal reasons during the corona virus outbreak

I put a notice in my shop announcements, saying I am open but won’t be posting untill we have been given the all clear. Then customers can still look through, they can order if they want, but I won’t be going out to post because I don’t want to put a postie at risk…
However I am sure folksy will have thought about this and will be giving us some direction.
Suzzie x


I’ve closed my shop and put on an announcement to say that I won’t be posting but that I’m happy to reserve items. I’ve also told my followers of Facebook and Instagram that I’ll still be posting my makes and stories, because a lot of people tell me that their children enjoy these, but that I won’t be able to sell items.


I do my postage online so all I need to do as long as it is not any bigger than a large letter size, just pop it in the post box when I out doing my “exercising” Maybe need to stop large orders but not getting many of those at moment! Don’t want to go into post office as you say and mix with people

Martine, I think lots of parents will be thankful for your beautiful stories, well done. xxx

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I am with DIANE here took off everything that will not fit in a PIP box. Have to walk the dog and in a small village, very quiet anyway. Will have to check that the post is still being collected and delivered. That would cause me to close down my shop.

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I’m staying open at the moment as I bought quite a few large letter stamps prior to the price rise and can combine dropping items in a post box with dog walking. I’ve changed my settings to UK postage only and reduced my despatch time from 1 day to 3 days.

I think especially when people can’t get together for birthdays and other celebrations, receiving a card will be a pick me up. :hugs:


Oh thank you x💕

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I think the large retail outlets that have closed are still selling online, I’ve noticed Prime vans on our street so Amazon is still selling. I would have thought that online shopping is the only way to get gifts at the moment, especially if you send them direct to the recipient’s address.


On line retailers are staying open whether selling essential goods or not… After all who could possibly decide what is essential and what is not and who could police it. My shop is staying open. My post office office is a very small local shop so sells food so I can visit either for food or for work to post. I will not be going in the shop if anyone is there. Jo is behind the glass counter. I wash my hands before leaving home and hand sanitise before I get to the car but don’t touch any surfaces when I’m in there.

If this system doesn’t work I will do my postage online and drop off in a box outside the post office.
Have you seen this


I cannot imagine how much it must keep people’s spirits up to receive something unexpected through the post. I plan to send my daughters something at least once a week,


Hi Suzzie. We have been thinking about it a lot – there’s so much to consider – and will put together some advice later today.


Online shops are allowed to stay open. I have always purchased postage online and dropped packages off at my local RM delivery depot so I’ve never needed to go into a post office anyway. When I went in to RM yesterday they said they are still collecting from pillar boxes as usual so if your items will fit through the slot you can continue to post orders out. If you are close to a delivery office you can drop larger items there.


I have shut my shop because I do not want to go out to the post office although it is a small local one. That is my choice. Yes it is lovely to receive a card and gift but not at the expense of someones health. Stay open if you can. It would be reassuring if buyers know you are not taking any unnecessary risks to send out their order.You could say this in your shop notice.


thats my job this afternoon and amending my postage settings!

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I’ve seen this too but none in my area as yet

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I’m still open, with some provisos in my shop announcement, and I’m waiting to see what Folksy say today before I do anything else.

But I have renewed my Plus account today. I felt it would be a positive thing for me to do, and I wanted to show some sort of support for Folksy. xxx


This should help


I’ve struggled long and hard with this but feel I have no choice but to stay open. Hubby and I are both self-employed. He’s a painter and decorator so now has no income at all. With no income and zero help from the government, every sale I make (however unlikely) could mean one more meal for us. My post office is in a village hub which is also a food shop, so I can combine parcel posting with food shopping (assuming I can actually afford to buy any food!) I’ll be increasing despatch times so that I can keep visits to a minimum.


My heart goes out to you Helen, @PocketfulCreations and all those who are self employed. Your items are beautiful and I am sure they will sell even in these difficult times. We all need nice things in our life.