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Coronavirus Covid-19 advice

Hi everyone. We’re putting together an article with tips and information for getting through the Coronavirus as a small business, and wondered if you had any questions or particular areas of concern that you’d like us to cover - or even any ideas on how we can all support each other that you’d like to share?

At the moment, as things keep changing so quickly, it’s difficult to give definitive advice - and there are lots of issues where we don’t know any more than you do or what to recommend - but we’ll try our best to help!


I can share what I have been doing…

I’ll start off by saying that I’m perfectly healthy and have been since this huge issue started. No need for anyone to worry…

I am staying indoors most of the time and I go out only for groceries or the post office to ship orders. I go to large supermarkets and post offices as there is lots of space. I go early in the morning and I take routes where there are wide streets and two pavements in case in need to cross over. I literally walk to where I need to go, buy what I need and walk back. I keep in touch with people via internet or phone. I wash my hands very often.

I do not buy dozens of items so there is nothing left for others.

Luckily for me, I am an introvert so I don’t mind staying at home and I cook and bake bread so I don’t constantly need to buy food.

Good luck to all of us!!


Folksy sellers are always supportive of each other, so I think this is a good place to be in difficult times. I think it’s even more important at the moment to share and promote each other’s work. Even if it doesn’t result in more sales, it will help to keep up morale. xxx


I’ve closed my shop for the time being, but will still be popping into the forums to keep in touch.

Stay safe
Tina x


Like Tina @DaisyWings I will keep popping in to the forums…Folksy is a wonderful place to be and always supportive…not just for selling but for all sorts of advice. To me it is family x
take care everyone x


I agree Brenda, Folksy is family. For me, the Folksy sellers that I ‘know’ and ‘talk to’ every day have replaced all the people I used to work with. With the added bonus that I don’t actually have to work with anyone!!! :joy: You’re all brilliant. xxx


What a lovely thing to do, as I expect everyone is a little worried at the moment. Although I am ok myself, I have to be careful because my husband is “vulnerable”.

At least selling Greeting Cards I am designing and printing at home, and our Post Box is only down the road, so I don’t need to venture to the local Post Office.

I do agree with you Brenda @teabreaks, and @plumporridge - Folksy has a really supportive, family feel. Sending virtual hugs to everyone.

SallyAnn xxx


Do you think people may be reluctant to buy on-line because of bringing the virus into their homes via the goods and the packaging? Or perhaps it goes the other way, better to have stuff delivered than have to go out, mix with people and still risk bringing the virus home?


Some people might be worried about their financial future as well as health and stick mostly to buying essentials.
So far I keep my shops open. I’m healthy, so is my husband. I’m running the last workshop until who knows when…
Keep safe and sane! Thankful for the phone and internet!


I think it is very interesting to see how retailers are responding to the situation. In the past 48 hours, lots of businesses local to me are offering to take telephone orders and to deliver whereas they wouldn’t normally. It’s going to be a test of ingenuity for everyone, perhaps that could be a positive thing !


I think that handmade/crafted item sales may take a dive, not just because prospective customers will be scared of catching the virus from the items they have bought, but mainly because they have probably been laid off from their jobs so will be struggling financially at the moment and buying only what is necessary. We all have to bide our time and wait for better times, sparing a caring thought for those who have the illness and have lost loved ones, selling is the last thing on my mind. I have a dozen items to list to reopen my shop, but I am delaying this as it’s not important at the moment, my health and the health of my husband is the most important thing to me at the moment and keeping healthy.


I just had an order, the first in a v long long time. My OH works and has to post things for me normally anyway, so we will have to continue with that for now. However, I decided to photograph the item in its envelope to reassure the customer that despite what may happen to the Royal Mail service, her order was definitely on it way!
I’m classed as a ‘vulnerable’, as I suspect a number of us on Folksy are too. So I hope you all stay as healthy as you can! :grinning::crossed_fingers::wave:


I’m carrying on as normal for now, but am limiting time going out as I’m in the semi vulnerable zone.
I finished chemotherapy for breast cancer 19 months ago, and there’s a lot of mixed messages about.
Although three months post chemo is the official guideline, oncologists are saying the immune system is compromised for up to two years.
The plus side to all this is that in my rural community the community spirit of all pulling together seems strong, so many small businesses are offering free delivery on food orders.
And I’m lucky to have a brilliant local post office at the top of the road. xx


I have turned off overseas postage temporarily. On both my shops. Don’t think I will get much business as people are more concerned with everyday living. We are all free from it in our household. I walk my dogs in the middle of a huge playing field and only shop quickly. But my day job as a pet visitor is nonexistent as I’ve had everything cancelled on me. But it will pass. :heart:

Hi everyone. We’ve written a blog post with advice and links to further information - I hope it’s useful.


Thanks very much for the information and keeping us all informed. As usual Folksy are there to help and support.

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Might not be practical for everyone but I’ve put a plastic crate outside my door marked ‘parcels’ for deliveries and courier pick up - I’m in most of the time so can keep an eye on it. My main worry is my 84 year old parents who live at the other end of the country - been ordering supermarket deliveries for them but is a bit of a gamble at to what’ll be in stock on the delivery date. I posted them some anti-bac wipes as there were none where they are - kinda backfired tho when the postman knocked on the door with them (now trying to get them to also put a box out for deliveries). Also occurs to me that they should probably use one of the wipes to wipe the wipes packet! I think that a lot of people will be watching the pennies and some will be flat out doing essential jobs to help keep the rest of us going and healthy (thank you). We might find however that when the majority are no longer worrying about the essentials and have the reassurance of ready access to loo roll (for me milk and tea bags!), we’ll all start to get used to the new normal. Could result in a lot of very bored people spending a lot of time online with no other way of shopping (my ex work colleagues are already getting very twitchy working from home) - this could actually be an opportunity to convert more people to becoming Folksy shoppers. Take care all x

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Thanks Camilla, just seen your advice - appreciated.

Thanks Camilla @folksycontent very useful advice.

I’m using the Royal Mail parcel drop boxes which are scattered around the country. I always use prepaid print off labels anyway, and find that the cheapest and fastest way to post out my stuff. Our local sorting office has closed, and this is where I do the normal drop off, but the mail boxes are also nearby so for me…I use them. There are size restrictions though.

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