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Cost of travel vaccinations

(Roz) #1

Thought I’d share an experience I had which might help anyone looking to get travel vaccinations!
Both my daughters are off on exciting trips overseas this summer, one trekking in the Himalayas and one volunteering in a wildlife sanctuary in Namibia. When I agreed to them taking part in these adventures it was in the back of my mind that vaccinations and visas would be an additional cost but was in for a bit of a shock!
Both require Rabies and cholera and one needs Japanese encephalitis in addition to other vaccines available on the NHS. the nurse quoted me … £375 (approx) and gave me a prescription to take to Boots. Arrived at boots having recovered from the shock to be quoted £530, apparently I had been quoted trade price! Thought I would just check at other dispensaries to see if they were all priced the same and finally ended up at Asda with a quote of £406.

Moral of the story, shop around. I had no idea things like vaccines were sold at different prices at different places. Hopefully I will help someone to save a little bit of money.

(Pauline Hayward) #2

I can’t believe they can cost that much, its a ridiculous price. I certainly won’t be going anywhere where I need to have injections.
My son had to change his holiday because he has a baby who will be 6 months old in September the month they were supposed to go away and apparently the doctor has told him they won’t vaccinate her at that age. They were only planning to go to Turkey so I dread to think what injections they need for there.


(Brenda Cumming) #3

makes me glad that I don’t even have a passport !