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Could you test my blog links for me please?

(Stephanie Guy) #1

Derwent, who sell the watersoluble wax that I use, have some links from their product page to my blog reviews. I recently changed my URL so the old links no longer work, and so I’ve been trying to update Derwent with my new URL, but they keep saying the new links don’t work either - and yet I have no problem with them.

I’d be ever so grateful if some of you would try out the links to see what happens?

Thank you!

(Helen Smith) #2

I got ‘sorry the page you are looking for does not exist’ for all of them.

ETA : But, if I edit the links to remove the number after the ‘html’ they work fine.

Hope that helps!

(Detola and Geek) #3

works with this:

Tola x

(Ali Joyce) #4

Hi Just clicking the links in the first post gets the ‘page doesn’t exist link’ - the link on Detola and Geek’s post does work though.

(Stephanie Guy) #5

Thank you that’s very helpful! Thinking about it, I’d like to send them the base links from blogger, then if I ever change my URL again the links will still work.

Do these links work for you guys?

(Ali Joyce) #6

Yes they all work now (although I notice that it looks like I’ve only clicked on one but I tried them all successfully)

(Stephanie Guy) #7

Thank you Ali, much appreciated :slight_smile: