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Covid-19 deliveries & more useful info

I know several of us are worried about covid-19 and in the case of shops when selling deliveries. I have just signed up for alerts about the situation on Royal Mail and areas etc.

The info linkis here:

If you click on Service Update emails you can sign up to be kept informed. I did it as a business as not sure personal covers the whole of the UK.


Thanks Caroline - I’ve just signed up, that’s really useful.
I was actually wondering earlier about whether to set up a general coronavirus thread - in relation to small businesses and what we can claim if we need to self isolate.

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Have changed the title of the thread Sarah so we can add any info as we find it.


Ah thank you :slight_smile: That’s great x

I just found this information on the BBC news website about what to do if you are required to self isolate and you are self employed:

" I’m self-employed. Can I claim benefits if I can’t work due to the virus? - Mark Gribby, Nottingham

Self-employed people who have symptoms or have been told to self-isolate may apply for two benefits, Universal Credit or Employment and Support Allowance.

But charities are worried that there is still a five-week delay before Universal Credit is paid.

People claiming Universal Credit can be paid early to help them until they receive their first payment. However, this will be taken off future benefit payments.

Unfortunately, those who are self-employed cannot get Statutory Sick Pay because that is paid by an employer."

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I don’t get anything as have a private pension and savings. Don’t have to worry though to sell to put food on the table so lucky. We just heard from the Postie that no. 9 have just got back from a Italy and self isolating.

Thanks for that information :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information Caroline @Caroleecrafts

That is useful to know, thanks Caroline :+1:


Thanks for that Carolee, just signed up.