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Craft Experimentation

Im trying to make ideas for Xmas decorations. I have a number of ideas.
But why does it take so long to get things right?!
Im sure Im not the only one.
It seems like a constant and never ending trial and error session to get things to look how they appear in my head. Not just hours, but days, to come up with the right solution…
Please tell me its not just me.
How much time do you spend experimenting?
Do you ever totally give up an idea?

PS, Just to say even though crafting is annoying at times,it is also absolutely fantastic.


yep some ideas do that lot of experimenting and undoing, yet sometimes some things happen very quickly. Oh yes and don’ forget the times you have one idea you make an error and that error ends up making something amazing :smile:

Yes, good point, I love a happy accident.

Also don’t forget that’s the reason why we don’t just charge minimum wage for the amount of time it actually took to make the one end result item. It’s the time taken to perfect designs and the attain a level of skill that people are paying for hand made items. :slight_smile:

I often find after hours of working out a suitable method for something and finally completing the design that all of a sudden I think of a way of doing it that would be much quicker and better - never happens when I actually need it!

I have 1 month before my next craft fair. I feel it isn’t long enough to experiment and make things in. Guess I should have utilised my time better seeing as Ive had a fair few months to try my ideas out. Im currently trying out felt decorations.

Ive been experimenting with some angels Ive been wanting to make. I think the wings look odd. Do they look like angels to you? Have I just put the wings on at an odd angle?

I think maybe the wings would look better on the body and maybe joined together? To form a loop, having said that though I like the little diamond detail on the wing! Are they for hanging on a tree?

Thanks for the feedback. I gave up on these angels, I made these instead.

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Those are really cool, very unusual! Definitely better than the first idea!

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